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    SL2 16gig sd/transfering files

    2 problems


    1st problem

    Bought 16gb kingmax card and when i put about 4 or 5 gigs on it the card works fine and all files intact untill i do hard reboot after that the SL2
    says "sd card removed" nothing will bring it back even formating under windows the card wont show up on the SL2.(the data had to be overwritten and windows won't do it)

    the store says unit or card not sure and they replaced the card and the unit.

    same problem, but this time i only put 3 gigs on it and it was fine
    added 2 gig = just over 5 total no problem
    added one more and card crapsout at 6 gigs

    i found a formatter (
    that actually formatted it so that the SL2 would recognize the card.

    and now i have about 5.5 gigs on it and no more.

    Next Problem

    i have noticed that when tranfering files to the sd card the mp3 IDTAGs go into the sirius studio but not into the SL2 sometimes they do sometimes they don't, there doesnt seem to be any ryme or reason i can send 2 song and the id tags work fine then next transfer after that it wont send them the next time they send them.

    i tried using an mp3 tag editor and same thing some tranfers the tage get sent and some transfers they don't.

    i have made sure the album/title/artist ect
    isint too long 6char or less just too be sure no wierd char just letters i'm baffled
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