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    ID3 tags not transferring

    I've seen this question asked in a few other threads, with no real answers (unless I'm missing it). As I'm now having the same problem I decided to make a new thread dedicated to it.

    Short version: ID3 tags are not transferring to my SL2.

    Long version: I've had my SL2 for a few days now, and so far so good. I installed a 8 gig microSD cards in it that was in my phone (I formatted it first). I then transferred in about 1200 songs using MSS, using up about 6 gigs of space. No problems showed up during the transfer. When I used my SL2 the next day I found that some songs were not displaying the artist/title, but the filename. The first few I noticed were new songs that weren't in my old MP3 player, so I thought the ID3 tags were simply not there. I plugged my SL2 back into my computer and opened MSS, and where before it showed all song information, now there were about 100 songs that were only showing the filename, including several that I knew had tags because they had been in my other MP3 player. I double-checked in Windows Explorer, Winamp, and Windows Media Player, and all could see the ID3 tags just fine. Thinking that maybe there was a problem with the transfer I pulled out the card and reformatted it. I also used Winamp to re-tag all my songs (it has a function to do that). I check a bunch of the songs that were showing bad and they were now all good. So I retransferred in all 1200 songs. Now every single one shows just the filename. I read on various forums that the fix to that was to do this:

    • Power off the unit
    • Remove card
    • Power unit back on
    • Power off unit again
    • Reinsert card
    • Power back on

    The idea was that the unit would reinitialize the database, and therefore would re-read the ID3 information. My question is, what if that doesn't happen? I've done that a few times with no luck. I even reformatted my card again and only transferred in about 10 files, and again, only filenames show up.

    Any ideas?
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