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    02-15-2009, 01:01 PM #1

    What Time Could They Annouce?

    If the NY Post article is true and that is the deal that is going to fallow suit. What time in the day do you think we would hear the announcement?

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    I just remembered someone mentioning there could be a 30 day extension. Mel might need time to finalize the details and go for the extension, that would be a bummer.

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    There's not 30 day extension for the FEB debt. They have to meet the 2/17 deadline.

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    I would love for it to stay quiet all day Tuesday and be announced after hours. This would give the stock a chance to run up on speculation and then run hard again on Wednesday.

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    I would guess that it would be just before the market opens or just after the market closes. Either way it would be interesting to watch the pre or after market trading. Especially the volume. I wonder how many shares are still being shorted (1/30/2009 271,931,355 ). You would think that a lot of shorts would have covered but you never know.