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    Stiletto 2

    Does anyone know when the channel will reflect the name of the station change Sirius made on Jan 15th? Strobe ect.....

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    My short answer is I dont' know when it will happen.

    BUT Here's my 2Cents on the subject...

    Typically it takes a few weeks for Sirius to do the channel update. In addition, for the stiletto, to get new Icons, you either need to listen via Wifi or plug your radio into your computer and get the ZAP updated. The forum over at the Digital Radio Central has a lot of Stiletto subscribers who are always the first to know when there is a firmware update.

    A lot of times, the Wifi channels are updated much sooner than the Bird channels, but that does not help you out in the car.

    Well that's my too cents.
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    To add to the discussion once the logo's are updated via WiFi you can enter the channels as presets in Internet Radio mode and they will show up in your presets as updated when your in Sat. mode.