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    Smile I love sirius xm!

    I became a subscriber in early June of 2005 in anticipation of Howard Stern making the switch over. I was so excited to have been the first of my friends to try out this new and vastly unknown service. During the first couple of days, playing around with my PNP in the car, I was literally overwhelmed with the wide selection of channels I could choose from. Even though the radio was primitive by today's standards I was in awe with the Artist Seek feature which would tune my radio to a channel when my favorite band was playing. I was so unaccustomed to being in control of my radio and the types of songs I wanted to hear.

    But within a week I had discovered my favorite channels and shows and was hooked to Sat. Rad. I remember after only one week of listening to Sirius, I was in my sister's car and we had her care stereo on and I was astonished at just how long and how much advertising was being broadcast. It was shocking! Before switching to Satellite Radio I guess I was just so accustomed to the commercials that I tuned them out or would switch to yet another station that might play a song or two I liked. From that day forward I have never willingly listened to "terrestrial radio" again - over 3 and a half years now.

    Although I purchased Sirius because I knew Howard would be on his way over I also bought it because I was curious about the service. The concept of uncensored music on a radio was pretty radical. It was completely different then downloading uncensored tracks off the internet to your mp3 player. It felt rebellious and cool. It's still rebellious and cool to be a subscriber and it's still uncensored despite the hoopla over at the FCC. It's the only place where you can appreciate the 1st amendment on talk channels without government regulation. Sirius XM also has one of the most tight knit online communities I have ever witnessed spanning every walk of life and attracting some of the smartest people.

    Since the beginning of my journey as a Sirius subscriber I have watched the company offer one of the best entertainment resources of the 21st century. You have the most unparalleled ability to listen to Satellite Radio while flying on an airplane, driving a boat, camping in the woods, walking the dog and in the car; and the ability to listen to both Satellite AND Internet Radio in your home, the office, at the gym, on your computer, your local coffee shop or fast food joint and most importantly through you home theater and entertainment systems, or boomboxes designed for your receiver. You can even run a Sirius antenna through your homes cable TV wires if the antenna needs to be mounted on the opposite side of your home and custom docks are made for all radio's that need to be installed in cars aftermarket.

    Sirius also offers a great Premium Internet Radio service that streams CD quality audio at 128k. When paired with good speakers or headphones you will be totally impressed with the sound quality. In fact I think the quality is superior to even the Satellite signal! Sirius is a must have for the serious audiophile!

    Finally, I purchased a Lifetime Subscription years back and it has already paid for itself. These subscription are good for the lifetime of four receivers (the one you activate it with, and three future radio swaps). If your typical receiver works for 4-6 years were talking about a subscription that could last 16-24 years or more!

    Tell the world why you love Sirius XM today!

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    agreed :O Sirius is obviously "THE BOMB"