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    If Merger is approved, this stock explodes

    Think about it Tyler. 15 million subs already, 20 million in 2008. This is the AOL of the 90s all over again except this time its a media company with CONTENT. Subscription and Advertising revenue model just like what drove AOL. AOL made an absolutely huge mistake by not signing content. If they had Howard radio and NFL Monday Night Football video broadcast only on AOL instead of TV, they would have become the biggest media company on the planet. Instead they became an internet also ran with no content.

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    AOL's big mistake was thinking that they could not be replaced. This is exactly why eclusive content is a big part of what will drive satellite. Sirius and XM simply need to maintain an awareness of the competitive landscape. Now that they have identified these competitors, there can be no excuses for failing to see what these competitors are capable of
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