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    Quote Originally Posted by Noob View Post in every fan based forum, diehard loyalists don't take kindly to people offering a different point of view from their own if it in any way conflicts with their own opinion.

    I siriusly doubt there will be a sirius or xm in 5 years time, or if there will be satellite radio at all.
    I seriously think your wrong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    So just think if ONE company could come in and offer 100 channels. Thats why the NAB fought so hard against it, they know full well it means the end to terrestrial radio (for the most part). Mel and the people that worked on this merger for SIRI and XM are great men/women to have been able to put this one pass the DOJ and FCC.
    Thats right, and if you are an investor like me, all we have to do is hold our breath that our current shares stay shares of this company because as soon as the real merge is complete and this spectrum frees up watch out.

    Those 100 channels could be free, exactly...and with commercials...and therefore, bam, profit for nothin'.

    Then the exact lineup we have now (the channel merge) will be the pay package with uncensored and premium content, commercial free.

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    John has it exactly right.

    If I were running the company, every radio released from here on out would be interoperable, and I would also get them into the OEMs ASAP.

    Look at it this way: Sirius XM HAS to get to a unified platform. At this time, the two companies use totally different compression techniques. XMs is more efficient, allowing them more channels (20-30 I believe). Once all of these interoperable radios are out, it makes it much easier to switch everyone to the XM spectum. This effectively doubles the spectrum, doubling the number of available channels. You want your niche channels? Here they are.

    It will take a while for them to phase out the Sirius radios. Eventually, Sirius will have to come out and either buy back all of the old radios or supplement the cost of new radios for people with existing ones. Keep in mind, by switching over to the XM spectrum, they ONLY have to replace Sirius's radios, not XMs.

    In addition to all of this, it also lowers costs. Sirius XM no longer have to develop and produce two seperate recievers for the seperate Sirius and XM brands. Now, they develop one radio and market it as both. Less parts, less engineering, and fewer costs associated with having two seperate displays at retail. They have already unified the channel lineup, now they are moving towards unifying the radios.

    Interoperability is useless right now, but it is the future of Satellite Radio.

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    What I would really like to see is a new interoperable Portable. A Sirius XM Stiletto 3 would be something I would probably buy at launch.

    I have to say that I'm really excited to see the new hardware over the next twelve months!

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    The joke of the year and the beginning of the end

    Are you kidding me? MSRP of $249?? There is nothing to this pos. Old screen tech, old tech all the way around except the ability to switch between services. Anyone pay attention to what is out their on the aftermarket car audio scene?

    This has to be an offering to the FCC that meets their mandates. That explains the super high price and the really low tech.

    Coincidentally I just canceled two portable units partly because of the stupid, down and dirty price hike but also because as potables they sound like crap in a car. Both I had caused so much engine noise it was rediculous. I gave up. I once had a hard wired brain hooked up to this head unit and it sounded flush but these portables, whether its FM moded or AUX in, sound really bad. Really hard to run a horrible signal through Arc Audio amps and Rainbow speakers. I digress.

    Kept one account that is hard wired to an Alpine (Wife) and I will pay the $2.99/mo for for the net service.


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    Do you listen to a lot of fm and am radio on your upside down pink triangle speakers? someone with as much knowledge as you about audio would have an integrated unit, and, ues those sound excellent, if it doesnt...try calibrating your head

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