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    01-05-2009, 01:21 AM #1

    SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 1/05/2009

    A new year, and new hopes for Sirius and the rest of the nation.

    As a continuation from last weeks thread, I wanted to post LIBOR/TED Spread's link that he provided for us.

    Credit Crisis Watch

    This link contains some interesting information on the financial sector that I think is very pertinant to Sirius XM.

    A couple of interesting quotes I got from the article:

    "Similarly, junk bond yields remain at high levels, as shown by the Merrill Lynch U.S. High Yield Index. However, a slight decline of 200 basis points has taken place since the Index’s record high of 2,182 on December 15. This means the spread between high-yield debt and comparable U.S. Treasuries was 1,982 basis points by the close of business on Tuesday. With the U.S. 10-year Treasury note yield at 2.18%, high-yield borrowers have to pay 22.00% per year to borrow money for a ten-year period."

    22% per year? OUCH. That means if Sirius financed 1 billion dollars over 10 years, they would be paying 220 million per year in interest. I repeat: OUCH. Perhaps this, in conjunction with many of the other factors in the article, are why Mel and Co. are waiting as long as possible to refinance?

    And this one: "The U.S. Depository Institutions Aggregate Excess Reserves continue to skyrocket far in excess of the amount that banks need to keep on deposit to meet their reserve requirements (see chart below)."

    This means that banks have the cash on hand... they are just not lending it.


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    Also, here is the link to the TED SPREAD chart - notice how it is crashing back down to previous levels...

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    Good morning people.....SIRI trading up near the .13 resistance with the market all red.

    Stocks open lower ahead of auto sales data
    Monday January 5, 9:38 am ET
    By Madlen Read, AP Business Writer
    Wall Street starts first full week of '09 on wary note; investors await construction data

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Wall Street is proceeding cautiously into the first full week of 2009. Stocks are down in early trading as investors await a reading on construction spending and examine a tax-cut proposal by president-elect Barack Obama.
    Obama is calling on Congress to pass an economic stimulus plan designed to create 3 million jobs.

    Monday's lower open was not surprising after a rally Friday that left the Dow Jones industrial average at a two-month high. Some investors remain hesitant to jump into a battered market with the economy still weak.

    The Dow Jones industrials are down 65 at the 8,969 level.

    (The DOW is now down about 100)
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    random ?

    if someone were to buy the company now , how much do you think our shares would go for ? or up for that matter ?

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    01-05-2009, 11:23 AM #5

    whoa !?

    all 8 of my stocks are in the green ? what's the story morning glory ?

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    Lots of chatter on cnbc about satrad and siri as regards to car sales.

    I just caught the end of it...anyone else here the entire conversation?

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    Mark & Erin w/ 2 analysts.
    2 analysts:
    David Bank - RBC Capitla Mkts
    Paul Taylor - cheif economist National auto dealer assoc

    Mark just bought 2 cars with satrad
    Erin didn't know satrad was standard on many cars

    David - mentioned 50% penetration rate rolling off lot and 50% take rate.
    Auto side doing okay, after-market "pretty tough". Unfortunately, auto sales big driver. Facing uphill battle. They'll still grow.

    Paul - We'll see mfr carry sub for longer period. Said GM might carry sub for 2 years instead of 3 months

    Mark - "I love my satellite radio. It's great, love it. Rockin out to the sixties"

    David - Company survives. 2 Million due Feb. 1 billion over next 12 months. Very challenging.

    Erin - "They could hypothetically file and still operate?"

    David - "I think a financial restructuring is a possibility, a real possibility."

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    Here is the link to the video on cnbc:

    You can also see it by going to yahoo business and putting in the symbol SIRI.

    Happy New Year everyone!

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    Thanks Steve, you just beat me by a few seconds to post that video - so I deleted my post...

    I am glad people are helping out on this thread...

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    01-05-2009, 12:45 PM #10
    They might want to call this site "Satellite Yesterday" as this is old news...

    Audiovox Signs With Sirius XM to Become Principal North American Radio Supplier
    January 5, 2009

    [Satellite Today 01-05-09] Satellite radio supplier Audiovox Corp. has reached an agreement in principle with Sirius XM Satellite Radio to become the principal supplier of Sirius XM radio products to the North American aftermarket and major U.S. retailers, Audiovox announced Dec. 30.
    The agreement is subject to the completion of a final distribution agreement under which Audiovox will provide warehousing, distribution, logistics and related services for Sirius XM.
    The new agreement is in addition to a master license agreement that Audiovox made with XM Satellite Radio in 2005.
    "Despite the current economic climate, satellite radio is still growing and we believe it will continue to be a prominent form of consumer entertainment. With this agreement, we expect our satellite radio sales to more than double next year with limited exposure," said Patrick Lavelle, president and CEO of Audiovox.

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