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    Free Sub

    Does anybody else have a free sub? I do. This one is from my first Sirius subscription. Awhile back ,I canceled the sub. I had two at the time. Sirius actually canceled the wrong sub by mistake so I called customer service and straightened that out. The sub they shut off was turned back on and flagged as my primary sub. I logged into my online account and verified all was well. The unit I had shut off had never recieved a deactivation signal or was even powered up for at least 6 months. I just assumed it was deactivated. So anyway, I finally decided to install this unit in my wifes car and reactivate it. To my surprise, It powered up, got the signal, and has been working for months. I logged into my account and it still shows that I have only one active sub.

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    I had my old Streamer GTR turned off a few months ago and it stayed on for about two weeks before it became deactivated...