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    Sirius on a boat?

    Hi folks! I know very little about Sirius/XM radio and need some advice. My Father-in-law loves his Sirius radio and uses it both at home and in his truck. He'd like to install a docking device in his boat. My wife and I would like to buy him the best device for installation in a boat for Christmas and I'm hoping you experts might be able to give me some guidance with this purchase.

    Thanks, I appreciate any tips.

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    Salt water?

    Don't know where you live, but I'm by the ocean, and I have a boat. If you're in saltwater, I would go to or call West Marine and buy one of their Sirius-ready stereos that might have a chance at surviving, either that, or just bring your radio/dock to the boat each time you go out. Thats normally what I do.

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    It also depends what type of "boat" he has.

    If he has a larger boat with an enclosed pilot house, any radio will work just fine. Most of those boats have radios built in anyways, and it can be wired straight for some great sound.

    If not, then I agree with jonelli. It should probably be one with a boombox, and make sure it goes HOME each day.

    You might also want to give TSS Radio a call and see what they think. They have excellent customer service and really know their SatRad.