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    08-20-2007, 07:43 PM #1 - online petition to keep Bubba on Sirius

    I just launched an online petition to show both Bubba and Sirius management, the support he has. Bubba has been hinting at going back to testicle radio, and that would suck. If you want to continue to hear Bubba uncensored, make an entry at


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    Why not just have people pile onto this thread and voice their support so the information is out there for all of Sirius management to see?

    I for one can honestly say that I signed up for Howard and I will definitely stick around for Bubba. If the day ever comes that Howard retires I would renew my subscription to hear Bubba. I'm not sure I would stick around if there wasn't someone else as good as him standing on deck.

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    I agree that people should just post in the thread. I think there is more validity given to something when it is there for all to see.

    I don't know if Bubba is really going anywhere but it would be a damn shame if he did. Without Bubba those Howard Stern channels would be in some serious need for content/talent.
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    The more postings/supoprt the better for my cause, but since there are several Bubba related message boards out there, I created the site as a central, 'independant', repository that just focuses on one specific topic - to show support for keeping Bubba on Sirius. Between SFN,, Sirius Backstage, SiriusBuzz, ebaumsworld, that morning show forum, ect, there are a lot of Bubba fans spread out over the internet. If I can reach out to those who want to continue to see him on Sirius and have them take 30 seconds to make an entry in the petition, who knows, it might make a difference.
    (Just my .02)

    Also, the information is there for Management and/or Bubba to see. There are some selected entries on the front page, and a 'View All Entries' link right below it. That displays the entire contents of the actual database (minus email information) that holds all of the petition entries. Each entry consists of a screen name, where they are from, and any comments. The entire petition is 1 click away (as opposed to burried in a site with many forums and topics which fall further down the pages as new entries get posted). Maybe I need to make the 'View All Entries' more promenent on the page, but this is really only Day2 of it being live, so I am open to suggestions.
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