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    This is why I'm in it for the long haul. I had other investments in mutual funds, but since last October of 07, a lot of that dimished as well. I should have gotten out then, but my broker said "hang in there don't get out, what if it goes back up the next day 400 points". Well, I hung in there and watched my portfolio decrease. Well, I have since cashed out my losses and regouped. As for Sirius, I think a lot of people thought things would have been alot better then they have been, but unless you take your losses, I'm in it for the long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whynot View Post
    Siriusowner- The only thing that could bring this stock any lower is BK and no one thinks that there in much likelyhood of that. I believe even Newman (apologies if I'm wrong) mentioned in another thread that there was no more than a 20% chance of that happening. There is no metrix at this point.....just blind faith, which will either pay off or leave me with a loss I'm willing to part with for the chances of the GREAT return in the future.

    I have been getting involved more and more in this Forum and I am trying not to get too complicated.

    Math is a great tool, I know because I am an engineer, a good one, I think. Use it !!! Don't use just faith... You WILL get killed in the stock market if you just use faith.

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    I do appreciate some of the insights you bring to the conversations. I have always said, and I have made many posts that people did not like, because I feel that people should know the RISKS along with the rewards. Everyone has a different risk/reward tollerance based on a bazillion factors that I cannot even begin to go into.

    I think that if people make an investment knowing the risks and the rewards, analyze them, and know what they are getting themselves into, then they made a good decision. It may not work out the way they planned, but they knew that it was part of the risks they are taking.

    The people that are getting me are the ones that jumped into Sirius simply to play the merger and never looked at the risks involved with the company. Many of these are the same ones calling for Karmazin to be fired, because it has to be somebody's fault that the stock went down. No, that is a risk you take when you get into a stock, and Sirius more than most others, because it is purely a speculative play. If you have your retirement hopes based on Sirius, I would say you were a fool. If you have your retirement set already, and have Sirius as a side investment, then that is another story. Some of these people who gave up a house to buy Sirius... OMG.

    The one thing I do demand from EVERYONE, is if you are going to post something, do so using facts. I hate the Yahoo and Google boards because it is useless and factless pumping and bashing. How many posts have you read that say "Sirius Goes to $1 today!" and "Sirius will file for BK today!", all with absolutely no facts involved? WAY too many.

    I value all opinions, as long as they back those opinions up with facts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newman View Post

    I value all opinions, as long as they back those opinions up with facts.

    I did the same thing you did. You said you used your common sense to say there's 20% chance of BK and pointed that out. I used a mathematical model and did the same thing.

    I will start pointing you all towards where you can "get to the facts". NOT the facts but how to get them.

    I do not intend to post here how I get to an answer but how you can get to the same results using the same tools.

    For example, RISK - This is part of probability. Denotes the precise probability of an event.... like BK. There are books, formulas, theorems, etc... that can help you all determine RISK.

    These tools are out there. Learn how to use them.
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    10,000 at .15

    a day after i bought it went to .23 but for some reason i didn't sell, lol...i def should have

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    One more Dip in the Pool

    I am probably the "dip", but just bought 6071 @ .1404...Cost average down to $0.57....

    I will be happy with half my money back at this point...Come on baby!!

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    yea this stock is hard to resist at these prices.

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    Thumbs up Something positive for you

    It sounds like I am the most sane person here 1333 @ .16 Yep, $200 worth, or at least it was $200.

    I know that isn't the head on a needle for most of you, but here is what I think:

    Satellite radio is a new commodity and it is an extremely good product.
    The hardware is great, the music is great and it is just a wonderful thing.

    I don't believe Sirius / XM will ever go away, because it is satellite based technology. They have put a lot into it.

    I believe the very worst thing that could happen it that somebody else would buy them out. Satellite radio is NOT going away, no more than computers are, or satellite T.V..

    Sometimes when you are so involved in something (like a large investment), it is really hard to take a look from the other side (like the consumer does).

    This is a picture of a consumer with his Sirius radio:
    This is a Sirius investor who has lost money:

    So, as I see it, in my simple little mind, it is just a matter of time before the price goes up. When the price does go up, my little 1333 shares of my $200 investment will make quite a bit of money for that small of an investment. Yes, and I do call it an "Investment", because over time it has no other direction to go than up!

    You guys who have spent the big bucks will have a really bright future! And tons of money, so hang in there and I wish you the very best!

    By the way, I really enjoy reading your guys comments.

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    5979 @ $1.13

    Still picking up shares here and there as I am looking ahead a few years and just can't see how Satellite will ever go away. I have an IPOD also, but I'm so damn lazy I don't feel like putting songs on there or making my own playlists. I honestly feel there will always be a need for Satellite so I'm investing for the future. Although, I'm curious what will be said at the upcoming Shareholder meeting.

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    I originally bought 335,000 @ .1485, it went to .235, foolishly I hung on, thinking more long. I sold it at .16. I re-bought 350,000 at .151, thinking this seemed to be near the bottom. I was obviously wrong. Right now, as long as it trades around .145-.146, I break even when I take into account the taxes I must pay for my profit at .16.

    All this being said, I am hopeful that we will hear good news soon and see it push north of .18-.20 again. Today's big Fed news didn't move it much but it seems that SIRI has a lag time before positive news works its way into the price. I just hope that at the .151 I bought I don't lose money, and maybe I stand a chance to even make a few dollars if it shoots up eventually to say high .20's to even the .30's in the next few months. My fear however, is that with credit as tight as it is, the financing may be hard to come by in February. Combine today's Fed moves, not just rate cuts but other action that should help free up credit markets, the White House/Treasury announcing their package, and SOME good news from the meeting and maybe, just maybe we see a little pop. Then again, maybe I am just clutching at straws. Thoughts?

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