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    Thumbs up Promising Sign for Merger Hopefulls

    A Federal Judge on Thursday refused to block the proposed merger between Wholefoods and Wild Oats, citing additional competition in retail grocery stores.

    Read the story HERE

    Even if the FCC or DoJ block the merger, there is still hope. This also give a precedent for the merger to be approved.

    Look for shares to bounce in the next few days as we here more about this story.

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    i dont understand why this is a big deal if they merge. I mean its only 2 choices basically having the same thing. if a business needs to merge to survive, then let them do it.

    I also find it funny that they would even consider blocking it, when you go to any area and this country and cables companies can have a certain area locked only to them. I live in Eastern North Carolina where are only choice is 1 cable company, the smallest and worst company you could have. The FCC is very corrupt imo. teresstial stations go off the air and are bought and sold like going to a grocery swap meet. Id like the merger, because it could bring cheaper prices, and even better content for all.