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    BOOMBOX FANS - Please read this!

    Just got an interesting phone call from Sirius - maybe others here have received a call as well. It came in response to my emailing Mel Karmazin ( The customer rep who called thanked me for the feedback about Boombox and confirmed the incredible amount of emails, phone calls and letters they have received from customers expressing their outrage over the new channel lineup. She told me that they are currently working to figure out how to get some of the demanded programming back on the air. However, she would not commit to the complete restoration of Boombox as a channel. She said the internal talk is that they were working to “restore some of the programming.” I asked her to explain that, and she was somewhat vague. She said that the details had not been ironed out, and that they are still considering all possibilities. She also said to expect emails to go out and announcements to be made to all customers. I told her that I had been monitoring the outrage on various forums and blogs, and that I personally did not think Boombox customers would be thrilled with anything less than a complete return of the Boombox channel. I reminded her that many have already canceled their subscriptions, and that all of us are looking at alternatives with internet radio, ipods and even HD radio.
    Here's the last important note: I asked how they were going to restore the programming and she said that they still have a few channels available that have not been used. So they will add new channels to the lineup, not replace current ones. That being said, we need to make a serious push to Sirius to let them know that we not only want our music, but we want a channel dedicated to it 100% just as it was. Otherwise, we may end up with some sort of hybrid that tries to cover multiple genres of music. So to all of you - don't give up! This may be the most important part of our battle. Keep emailing, calling and sending letters. We have definitely been heard, so we need to keep screaming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Subatom View Post
    Just got an interesting phone call from Sirius - maybe others here have received a call as well. It came in response to my emailing Matt Karmazin (
    The CEO's name is actually Mel Karmazin...

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    yes, thanks for that.

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    For the good news about the channels! I knew they would do this and I know there will be much more to come over the next 6 months in regards to changes, additions, etc.

    It's a newly merged entity after all......let's give it the chance to try, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and then offer an outstanding service that will make MOST everyone satisfied.

    Buying more tomorrow....

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    eh.. don't mean to shoot you down but I'll believe it when I hear it. From the way Sirius/XM has handeled their programming and responses to customers I know that:

    1) They took their customers for granted by the hasty channel changes

    2) They do not correctly value/handle their content which I feel is in part why they aren't doing so well

    Now... if in fact they return Boombox on the satellite they might earn my business again.

    Waiting.. but not counting on Boombox coming back...

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    How to save BOOMBOX

    I do not want to cancel, I want BOOMBOX back!

    If it doesn't return, and they don't expand their electronic stations, I will probably cancel.
    It was probably THE most amazing Electronic music station I have ever heard in my life.

    From :


    Boombox was a Breakbeat and rock remix radio station on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 39 and DISH Network channel 6034.

    Started by DJ Liquid Todd, Boombox had a format consisting of breakbeat music genres including old school breaks, nu skool breaks, drum and bass, rock remixes, bootlegs and mashups (sometimes referred to as Bastard Pop). DJs on the channel included Liquid Todd and DJ Icey. Guest DJs appeared on the channel each Friday night at 10pm EST for the "Boombox Mix Session" feature.

    As of November 12th, 2008, Sirius repurposed this channel for "Pop2K," which plays mainstream/top-40 pop from the 2000's. No electro-rock [or breakbeat] alternative has been provided.


    It was replaced with another pop station. No love for Electronic music lovers? The only way to get this station back ( or others that people love ) is to email SiriusXM, call SiriusXM, send SiriusXM letters, communicate with the SiriusXM company and tell them what you want or what they did that you don't like. That is the ONLY way things are going to change. Their Electronic music selection is seriously lacking, there are really only 2 stations worthwhile listening to (not including Chill). Bring BoomBox back!

    Want BOOMBOX back (or another station)? CALL THEM, EMAIL THEM, TELL THEM, COMPLAIN!
    Complain to SiriusXM as to what you want changed.
    Posting here isn't going to do anything in terms of making changes, its just being used to vent, SiriusXM doesn't read these forums. Contact SiriusXM to request the changes you want! Use your voice as a subscriber and complain, request BOOMBOX back, or quit the service if you want to send the strongest message and if you are no longer satisfied, like me (and others).

    Here's the info I have so far:

    Liquid Todd's blog:
    (about Boombox, Electronica, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, going by the wayside due to the ignorance of Sirius/xm)

    PLEASE sign and mail or fax the letter at the bottom of the following WikiPedia page so we can get this important radio station back:

    BOOMBOX on Wikipedia:
    (At the bottom of the paragraph there is a link to a letter for Mel, titled "Dear Mel")

    Get the letter for Mel Karmazin (CEO/Director) HERE:

    Call Customer Care HERE:

    Email customer care HERE:

    Emails for the top brass, HERE:
    - President, Operations and Sales, James E. Meyes -
    - President, Entertainment and Sports, Scott Greenstein -
    - CEO/Director, Mel Karmazin directly -
    - Senior VP of Music Programming, Jon Zellner: -

    Jon Zellner
    Senior Vice President
    Music Programming
    Sirius XM Radio
    1500 Eckington Place NE
    Washington, DC 20002

    Online Petition for BOOMBOX HERE:

    Found this music survey site for Sirius HERE:

    Stock price HERE:

    I hope they bring it back, they brought back an R&B station (Backspin) and a DISCO station (Strobe) due to "POPULAR DEMAND". Maybe they'll bring back our favorite Electronic station if enough people complain!?

    Proof that "Popular Demand" WORKS:


    Come on Guys keep it up, looks like they are adding two channels that they cut (Strobe, Backspin) on Janurary 15th.
    Lets keep filling thier mailbox and phone lines until thye give us breakbeat..I just sent other letter, I hope you will too!
    Come on!!! Check out the article:


    Strobe and Backspin back by popular demand:

    Can we do the same for Boombox?
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