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    Angry Did Hartlieb Really Delay the FCC?

    In case you missed Brandon's latest article, there was an interesting line in there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon Mathews
    Michael commented to me with a slightly cynical laugh that he was told by persons at the FCC, that except for his actions relating to interoperable radios, the merger would have been approved back in January.
    Hartlieb, is this true? Did someone actually tell you that? I would like to hear the truth from you. If it is true, how do you honestly elevate yourself to the Sirius Savior? If the above is true, it is possible that you delayed the merger long enough that it is your fault that we are in this predicament, rather than Mel and the BOD as you are accusing.

    What is the story?

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    It certainly didn't help the situation, if not was one of the primary reasons for the delay. He might even be a NAB plant.

    Yeah Mel went and bought another 2 million shares at 1.37 so he can bring it private and wipe out shareholders and himself who bought a total of 5.5 million shares on the open market since he took over.

    Hartlieb is s sick man and has helped screw us investors over, so don't believe his bullshit and stay far away from him. He is still hurting shareholders as of today.

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    many business people knew by the third quarter of 2007 it was a major cycle downturn,just ahead..sirius knew the risk it took at that time related to obtaining new finance going forward...

    sirius lied to shareholders by claiming all along they would put interoperable devices on the market by 2007..

    so dont blame michael for wanting the he did not write the fcc mandate sirius and xm agreed to follow and the fcc failed to enforce.

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    Michael Hartlieb claims that his group is 700+ strong and growing. Maybe they are but I wonder how many have joined because of the following stipulation.

    "Once you have registered for an account and are logged in you will have access to the "hidden" forums that are not viewable by anonymous visitors."

    Maybe you will get a Secret Spy Code Ring if you register. Wouldn't that be cool.

    Is he trying to hide something or is this a way to pad his numbers. Just like the Mangey Fool.
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    I know there were several that signed up for his news letter just to find out what was going on and get some information.

    I have also heard from several who have attempted to get OFF of that mailing list, unsuccessfully. I wander if these are the same people who make up their "700+" number, or if Micheal actually has a true sign-up for his campaingn.