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    Quote Originally Posted by shiftymagoo View Post
    All I can say is that your name says it all. Majority of people satisfied? You must be blind and clueless.
    1. Name calling does not help strengthen an argument.
    2. FACT: The Majority of the subscribers are happy.

    I never said that people were not upset, all I am saying is that the majority of the subscribers are not. There is no arguing that fact. Sirius did not cut a station that millions of people tune into everyday (they have the stats). Even if every single boombox fan canceled their subscription today Sirius would still have the majority of their subscribers.

    Open your mind and turn the dial, you just might find a channel you like even better.

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    A reason why there is more than one "hits" station is that XM had a handful of them! I have both XM and Sirius, my tweens and teens love that crap. I always dread driving my wife's car (XM) with the kids, because of all those stations! In my Sirius vehicle, I say, well, that's it kids, too bad you don't like that song....time for HAIR NATION! LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by A-Ron
    Sirius Claims to have like 130 DIFFERENT CHANNELS, then why is it I'm able to listen to Britney Spears - Womanizer on 4 of them? That's not diversity, thats turning into the local radio stations we already get for free.
    A deck of cards also has 52 DIFFERENT cards, but you still get 4 Aces.

    Quote Originally Posted by shiftymagoo
    All I can say is that your name says it all. Majority of people satisfied? You must be blind and clueless. Hey if you like Pop then I am happy for you. But your attitude clearly shows that you don't get it.
    Your name is magoo and you are calling him blind? HAHAHA

    Tell you what shifty... You say that a majority of the people are dissatisfied. clueless turns around and says that even a percentage of 51% would be satisfied, and you totally bash him for it.
    SiriusXM closed out the quarter with just under 19 million subs. Come back with 9.5 million links to posts that have different people saying they are unsatisfied. Hell, come back with only 5 million links and we will call it even. Unless you are just "assuming" that a majority of people are pissed, only because you are...

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