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    Liquid Todd chimes in on death of Boombox!

    Doesn't say why it happened, but feel free to leave comments on his blog.

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    Channels like Boombox and Disorder had the originality that made sat. radio cool. I can hear the more generic and boring playlists on stations like Lithium and The Loft just as well on other sources like internet radio and those music channels at the end of the channel spectrum on digital cable TV. My need for Sirius is dwindling.

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    i already commented on his blog, this is outrageous, how many 'band dedicated' channels do we need. They just ruined like 20channels, what is wrong with these people, no notification, no survey, no polls, just 'here is what you get, have a nice day'. I'm keeping my account open another month, they better figure this out because listening to howard babble isn't enough to keep me subscribing. I'm saying this as not only a subscriber but also a stock holder.

    I totally understand drastic measure to cut costs, but wow, when you're redesigning people's entertainment perhaps you should tell them before you do it, especially when they pay for it!!!

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    Would be nice to find out if there are any other outlets for his shows....

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    I just got off the phone with a Customer Support Rep at Sirius about Boombox 39 and the new gawd aweful Kids Place Live on 116. I got pissed when I started hearing COMMERCIALS for coffee makers, XM, and CNN! So I called up customer service and the guy tells me they've received TONS of calls about the channel line-up change and the majority of it has been "dissatisfied". The customer care people (who haven't been answering the emails) have been compiling lists with the subscriber #'s and emails to the VP over subscriptions and consumer complaints.

    Anyhow, the rep tells me he received several emails throughout the day directing him to let the subscribers know they "have listened to our complaints and are taking things seriously." He said we're stuck with this format for this month but December, Sirius is rolling everything back to the old line up!! I asked him if he was sh*tting me but he said NO. They can't afford to loose any more subscribers and the last email he got repeated they're changing the stations back!

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    thanks for the heads up on Liquid Todd
    The elimination of Boombox caused my immediate cancellation, lets hope they listen.

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    I posted information in the other Boombox thread, check there for more info on who to call/email/etc
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