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    11-13-2008, 02:23 PM #1

    Exclamation Light at the end of the tunnel? CALL SIRIUS NOW!

    I just spoke with Customer Care and they said that the channel lineup was changing again tonight... He knew Boombox and Backspin by number and indicated that he had a few calls about the channels already and that they are forwarding the complaints to the programming department.

    Please! Call Sirius and tell them you want BOOMBOX and BACKSPIN returned!


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    Call and email them too.

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    my email to them:

    Why did you decide to cancel Punk 29 and Backspin 43? You guys keep slaughtering the niche-type music yet you keep Margaritaville, elvis, grateful dead exclusive channels on and I KNOW those have ratings in the toilet. I'll give Sirius a week to fix this. I know I am not alone, I see all the complaints on your own forum. You guys only understand one language- MONEY- I have no reason to keep Sirius on if you keep knocking off the very few channels I can tolerate in your lineup. I already have a HD Tuner for the city stations. Thanks for listening.

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    already sent my email to them, this was outrageous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhedalert View Post
    I know I am not alone, I see all the complaints on your own forum.
    just so your aware, sirius doesn't have a official forum board.