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    If I was CEO I would try my best to be in front of cameras trying to let everyone know what is going on. Its sort of a mind game at this point, isnt it? Having months to find debt relief or refinancing for the debt, I just can not listen to "we are underway with several.....". Hard to buy, because the stock is getting thrashed in this SXM silence.

    This guy needs to come to the rescue of his company and let investors know what progress is being made.........

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    His silence is deafening. He is guilty of all what is said by Hartlieb.

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    It really does make you wonder. His silence has been deafening. I feel that his silence is a big part of the share price decline. Today is the four year anniversary of his hiring by sirius.

    11/18/2004 $4.72
    11/18/2008 $0.20

    I cannot believe or understand his or the companys constant lack of anything to defend or promote the Sirius product.

    It really makes me wonder.

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    They just had a conference call and they said what they could say - what else could he say but where they are with the debt and what they are trying to accomplish.

    The debt market sucks and they have no choice but t continue to sell shares to cut the debt down.

    Massive dilution and reverse split is inevitable.

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    Why is this in the Humor forum?

    I came here to laugh.....