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    11-13-2008, 02:20 AM #11
    Quote Originally Posted by Whynot View Post
    Newman/SXMInvestor- I fully understand where you are coming from and thank you for your advice. I am a subscriber and investor as well.

    With no hesistance, I can say that my investment dollars mean a HELL of a lot more to me than the service at this junction. My statement above was meant to relax folks who have a sort of sticker shock about the new channels and selections.

    As I mentioned in earlier blogs.....I do know a bit about SIRI/XM in a way that a lot of folks on this forum do not and be certain that they took great consideration in the channel changes they made, are ready for the customer concerns which will arise and are willing to work as hard as they can to make things right for both the investor and the subscriber. They are also fully cognizant of the fact that the investor and subscriber are usually one in the same.

    It's just inititial shock folks.....everyone will find what they want in time.

    I'm really liking POP2K and starting to get past it already, but hope they bring back my old skool stations Strobe & Backspin. It looks like to me that they were trying to be fair to both services, but some of the XM stations are just not interchangeable and others might be better. Not sure what metric they used to make the decisions.

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    I'm cancelling. Faction is bullshit, they took my punk away, and I'm hawking all my Sirius radio equipment to the highest bidder.

    **** the man, always stepping on punk just like they have for generations.

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    The loss of Boombox and Backspin is devastating. We subscribe to Sirius to get this variety and to hear things you'd never hear elsewhere. Electronic music lovers got the hose with this new channel lineup. I noticed the XM people lost the system. To top it off 39 is now pop2k?!?!?! This is such a slap in the face! Why donít I just turn on FM?

    Guys please get together Login to your Sirius account, click help and then send customer service an email. I'm very disappointed. Some of the other changes are positive, but cutting channels that play music you cant hear elsewhere? This is going against the fundamentals of Satellite radio. Even the fools are not happy:

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    11-13-2008, 12:37 PM #14
    None of the stations I typically listen to changed... whew.
    I did notice this morning as I was driving to work that they brought back XMU. I had heard that this was one of the stations being removed and replaced with Sirius Underground. There was quite a fuss about it. Perhaps the company listened, because now it's SiriusXMU.
    My point is - if there is enough support to bring something back, the company will probably listen.

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    I hear you!! I wouldn't say I'm disgusted but I'm Siriusly disappointed.

    Every morning I'd turn on my Sirius radio to the Bluegrass station. Yesterday, I was surprised to find that I was listening to an entirely different Bluegrass station with a different DJ. The music is just NOT the same along with the DJ. So I've switched to another kind of music.

    We chose Sirius over XM because of our music preferences. XM have now taken over alot of Sirius channels. Complete bull!!! Will certainly think twice about renewing our subscription next year.

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    11-13-2008, 03:40 PM #16
    MusicGal: XM has taken over a lot of Sirius channels? Perhaps you should really evaluate the channel lineups. I am an XM subscriber, and a LOT of XM channels ahve disappeared and been replaced by Sirius channels.

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    What would be the current programming channel equivalent to Boombox?

    So far NONE of the programming channels match up to Boombox and I'm thinking the other channels that were lost (Backsping, jazz something..) have no generally acceptable equivalent either.

    I will cancel my multiple subscriptions in the near future if Boombox (or a channel with the same programming) is not returned.

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    Thanks Newman for that info. I've checked the XM programming and it's the same channel. Even if it had been transferred to XM, I wouldn't go to all that expense. We have two radios; one in my hubby's truck and one that get's taken back and forth from my car to the house(had to purchase the indoor kit separately). Plus, we've already had to replace a couple because they were malfunctionning and of course, the warranty was over.

    Besides this latest crap, I love my radio but the expense of it all has been a bit much.

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    Sent this as an email to XM/SIRIUS
    I am disappointed by XM/SIRIUS's choice to restructure xm comedy 150. That is the channel that I left my radio on and I looked forward to driving my car. I ALWAYS had a good laugh while listening. Now...its changed. The standups that are chosen now are weak. AND i was listening at about 3ish today, Sun Nov 16, 2008, I actually heard bleeping!!! This is supposed to be unsensored comedy. where is sonny Fox? Finally please stop REMINDING me that I am listening to the RawDog after every comedian...its annoying. All of these complaints are about xm RawDog alone, the switch up of all the other channels has many people miffed off. In one forum "if i wanted to listen to top 40 all the time I'd listen to rergional radio." In short XM/SIRIUS, give ME the choice of either xm or SIRIUS.

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