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    Quote Originally Posted by amnesia622 View Post
    Since Sirius has gotten rid of Backspin and Boombox I've looked for alternatives....

    Pandora is blowing me away. I typed in DJ ICEY and getting to hear tons of sick breakbeat music. Give it a shot! If you dont like the song you can just fast forward to the next one!

    Now If only I could get this in my car.
    wow.. they even have Bassbin Twins "whoppa" !!!! I'm going to see how this works on my iPhone in my car..

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    Smile Help us out there then Head Honcho

    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    I am personally surprised at how many people here took the time to complain about this one channel. I feel for you guys and I only hope that Sirius XM might see just how many people are mad about this change. As we know, quite a few channels are now gone but no one has been as vocal as you Boombox fans.
    Hey, help us out man (if you can), email customer service and tell them that you run a successful internet forum and invite them to come see the storm of angry people. At worst you get one more user while they peak in

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    You would think that Sirius would give me the time of day... wouldn't you? Guess what? They wont so much as throw me a tiny second hand wet chewed bone.

    I invite you all to continue to pile onto this thread. Tell your friends, spread the word, and I will make sure to send it to Sirius. That being said, you guys can add this link to your emails as added proof, you don't need me to do it!
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    ok, Ill pile on!
    I subscribed to Sirius over XM BECAUSE of Boombox and did a LIFTIME subscription! Yep, Im a little pissed about this. Alt Nation is cool, BPM and Area are ok but they just aint (sorry, native Texan here) cuttin it.
    Boombox and Backspin had a really different sound, very original programing, I listened at work everyday

    Bring back Boombox and Backspin, make an old(er) nice guy happy and fix your f**kup please. You dont want to end up like US auto makers do ya?
    Thanks, Big J.
    OG from OC

    PS, I did email Sirius and got a real reply, lots of words that sounded good but said nothing.

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    I am so disappointed with the new lineup! I called today to cancel both of my radios, but kept one after the CSR told me they would be adjusting the channel lineup after the first of the year (no info on what stations they will bring back). I did drop the other sub in hopes that would help send the message, but kept one in hope of hearing boombox again one day. I plan to get rid of the remaining radio subscription in Feb if they do not bring back boombox. Might as well listen to free radio, rather than pay to hear the same thing on sirius -- since they got rid of anything unique and just play mostly mainstream.


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    Thumbs down Linked them to thread

    for what it is worth..... Emailed support AGAIN and linked them to this post. Hopefully they are actually paying attention and not just routing any complaints to a big pile of "who gives a @#%@"

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    oh and one more good one

    I just took it upon myself to go drop off an opinion or two on as many finance boards as I could find about my opinion of the SIRI stock. I let them know that I as well as many other upset subscribers would be canceling and they might take a big fat revenue hit in the very near future. I would encourage you all to share your opinions with Sirius's valued shareholders as well. I'm sure they would like to know how we all feel about the service now.

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    Keep the complaints rollin in....

    My Letter to:;

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    I am writing with the utmost frustration at the recent changes to your channel lineup. All of the original channels have been shelved for yet more top 40/rap/rock main stream music. The very same music I can flip to terrestrial channels and hear for free… and TRUST ME we have enough to flip thru so you don’t have to hear commercials so you’ve lost that edge too. I personally am a fan of electronic music… So you are probably thinking “we have Chill, Area, and BPM” well two of the stations are identical. My station of choice was Boombox. The sub Genre played on this station was original and not found via any other format/source. I was advised to check out Alt Nation but have found it to be as close to Boombox as opera is to gangster rap.

    I have been a customer for several years happily listening but now I will be calling to cancel my subscription due to poor choices made by Sirius XM programming managers.

    P.S. I noticed there is quite a movement growing on the internet because of this. The same tech savvy base that launched Sirius to what it is today. My advice is that you listen to the people that raised you to what you are today if you want to continue to be successful in the future.

    Best Regards,


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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by A-Ron View Post
    here is the response I got from Sirius today:

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for writing to us about Boombox. Unfortunately, this station has
    been removed from our programming. Fans of Boombox can tune in to an
    all new weekly show featuring break beats and electro rock on Alt Nation
    Ch. 21.


    Angela A
    SIRIUS Customer Care

    so apparently we get an hour maybe 2 of boombox type music/week? sweet!!!!!! i'll just make sure I'm in my car at 11pm on a sunday night so I can listen to it.... ( i have no idea when the show will be on by the way...)
    I got the exact same response from Sirius when I emailed them. Then they sent me a lame survey to rate my satisfaction with customer care.

    And yes, they did recommended a show on AtlNation gear towards BoomBox, but they didn't say when it'll be aired.

    Since BoomBox was dropped I no longer listen to Sirius. Hmm... maybe I should cancel my subscription and save my money.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Radianation View Post
    I liked the diversity on my Sirius radio in the car by having Area and Boombox. With the merger it looks like they cut Boombox and suggested a fairly bland alternative station in place of it. While Boombox wasn't perfect, it did play a nice variety of remixes, mashups, and sometimes just good old breakbeats.

    I created a petition for those who also miss this station to sign in hopes that Sirius will listen to our request to bring back this channel on the lineup.
    I just signed the petition and passed the link on to people I know want BoomBox back.

    I was #236
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