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    Sirius Home Docking Kit: Worthless

    I bought a new Sportster 5 and the dock and play home kit. I called Sirius, paid my fee and they activated my account. I took the Sportster to my car to test it with the car connecting kit that came...
  2. Well I would still be able to use the two old...

    Well I would still be able to use the two old boom boxes if I did that. Thanks for the info.

    But if I bought another older version of the Sportster, I'd have to call Sirius and activate the it...
  3. Have Lifetime Subscription. Repair or Replace Sportster?

    Hello.. I have a Serius Sportster which is four or five years old, two boom boxes which I purchased for this radio, and a "lifetime" subscription to Sirius.

    My Sportster stopped working last week,...
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