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    Lynx kaput? what's next?

    My Stiletto is rather on its last legs so looking around for other radios.

    It seems the Lynx, a logical replacement, is on its way out, since Sirius only has reconditioned units for sale (I've had...
  2. Any way to get Sirius without Flash or newer iOS?

    I got Sirius internet content over old Apple equipment.

    So Flash is a nightmare (Rogue Amoeba made a great application for it but it broke during one of Sirius' upgrades and because of their...
  3. SL2 and problems with channel 30 reception?

    I've got a SL2 and I get little break-ups on the Loft, channel 30. But not on other channels. I have restarted, thinking maybe a problem with the buffer, but same result. Any ideas? I kind of doubt...
  4. I haven't found a time shift recording program...

    I haven't found a time shift recording program that works with the Sirius/XM internet feed specifically in a one-click method like some internet radio stations.

    However, you can do it with a few...
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    Sirius radio with NO head unit

    I only listen to Sirius in the car. Can I just wire in power to the car unit, and attach a line-out mini-jack to RCA cable, and then attach that to a 12 volt audio amp, which then attaches to the...
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    I saw the thread about deleting/shutting down and...

    I saw the thread about deleting/shutting down and tried it with songs on the memory card (since it wouldn't keep any recordings I didn't have much choice; every time I recorded something I got the...
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    Lost recordings

    I've got the SL2 and it's been working OK until recently. Lately it dropped most of my "heart" recorded songs, but a few were left. Then it stopped recording my scheduled shows...or at least they...
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