November Stock Talk (SIRI and Other)

  1. waldo29
    Feel free discuss other topics as well, but lets keep it constructive. None of that other BS. This is mostly just a history of my approach to trading the market as the days go by. that means, pay attention to the dates of the posts.
  2. midas360
    Good morning everyone!
  3. waldo29
    I am 2 sells in to a short position in SIRI. Ideally, the third sell would have been around 4.24. It looks like that window has closed. goona try to sneak in the 3rd sell @ ~ 4.08/4.09. cover plan remains the same @ ~ 3.87.

    I'll be traveling the rest of the week (Tue- Thur).

    Edit: I should add... I won't be selling @ the open. Depending on the market, it will be roughly 10:30-ish.
  4. waldo29
    Took 4.12 for the 3rd sell. 4.10 avg
  5. midas360
    Novavax is up over 5% I am in for 10K shares on that one. Be safe traveling waldo! Don't forget to invite USER!
  6. midas360
    Welcome Denco... hope you share your insight on SIRI and other trades.
  7. waldo29
    SIRI Form 4, Meyer just selling some for taxes. However, a lot of insiders selling of late (last few months).
  8. waldo29
    Auto Numbers today. Expect strong numbers (obviously), but SAAR is probably going to be topping out in to the end of the year. Need to pay attention to delinquencies, last few months sub-prime loans 90 days late have been increasing.
  9. midas360
    Sirius xm is looking flat at the open. We need to hold this 4.10 level IMHO. Keep this momentum going! Good luck!
  10. midas360
    You've been following the Novavax trade for 2 years... it's amazing how much money we've made on this promising biotech. We've been taking the profit and slowly buying shares in the low 6's and 7's. It's starting to move again. Some news should be coming out on the RSV-F trials.

    We road this up to $15... some guys made close to a million bucks on it. it's crazy. Round 2 is coming
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