November Stock Talk (SIRI and Other)

  1. midas360
    WALDO ... YOU KNOW I TOLD YOU ... You watched us!!
  2. waldo29
    Stopped out on my PBR PUTS. Even though I had three months for the trade to recover, its the wise choice. Oil workers Union was a known quantity, but I really hoped that PBR would get that settled. I love how not having to pay your workers during the trike is bullish. Shows how much stress the company is under, an oil company that is worth more when they can't pump oil.
  3. waldo29
    Nice call(s) on NAVX, happy for you all. Give chief a congrats for me, I know he was in [and up] big. I'll stop in soon to see how things are going.
  4. waldo29
    Hank still not approved, sent a inquiry to Charles.
  5. waldo29
    As I expected, EUR/USD broke the trend line. Portends a stronger dollar, which is what not taking a December of the table meant. Support levels 1.085, 1.0525 and 1.046. This witht he ECB and BOJ not acting yet. The FED will not be able to move in December (see ADP today).

    The FED raising rates in December is irrelevant, playing the lip service can be profitable as well.
  6. midas360
    Do you see her raising rates? She better because she won't next year. This is her last opportunity. They really grilled her this morning. Great questions by the the Chairman.
  7. midas360
    How the hell did you find him anyway? That guy would roll in and post the funniest shit and leave. $100 it's BM. THat's probably why Charles won't approve him. If Hank is approved, I am keeping my personal shit PERSONAL! That mother ****er posted pictures of me, my home, cars, anything he could find. Asshole!
  8. waldo29
    Oh, this is Hank is my brother. But it is an homage to the hank from the satwaves day. My brother never went to satwaves, but I did steer him towards ,using the name. Not to worry
  9. midas360
    +1 coool.
  10. waldo29
    Off the jobs number, its going to be harder and harder for the FED to NOT raise rates in December. I am still thinking they won't, but that viewpoint now needs help (volatility). Off this number, the dollar will surge. Dollar based commodities will fall, as usual pay most attention to oil. same support levels.

    Equity volatility is back in vogue.

    Edit: back from the road. However going back out next week. The week after I am heading to Brazil for two months. Post when I can
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