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  3. New Layout = Lag?
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  6. $500 lifetime subscription
  7. Lets talk about something important
  8. Stiletto 2
  9. other Satellite & my thoughts
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  12. Cnbc petition
  13. Charles has a problem with me picking on him.
  14. Different kind of song game
  15. Pete's intro thread
  16. SA Outcasts Unite
  17. In Addition To Sirius Stock, What Other Penny Stocks Do You Like and Why?
  18. I need an advice
  19. My 800th Post
  20. Spring Water Vs. Tap Water. Give us your opinion!!
  21. Conspiracy Theories Debunked
  22. GAME: Word Association
  23. Investing $100,000 in one stock
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  25. Pandora article comment continuation
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  27. Charles: Download thread option?
  28. Goldman Sachs lawyer solicits teenager!
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  31. Be Careful What You Post Here
  32. 50% off Jamie Foxx Tickets
  33. Goldman Sachs Latest Swindle!
  34. Why has john been banned?
  35. WHY John Should be Banned!!!
  36. Sirius VP Takes Loss on Home Sale
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  39. My Introduction
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  42. My Introduction
  43. Hello Iím new to this forum
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  45. CBO: Unemployment Would Have Topped 11% Without Stimulus
  46. I dont hide the facts from ANYONE.
  47. Really I am flattered miss me that much, john163888.
  48. CBO, throw almost a trillion dollars at the wall something will stick.
  49. The Bush Recession--Let's Call it What it is.
  50. The recession the democrats left us, elected to power in 2006 and it went down.
  51. Holy smokes!
  52. Luxury Brands Boost March Auto Sales
  53. NASDAQ Sets SIRIUS XM Hearing for April 29, 2010
  54. Con # 1: The Swoop and Squat
  55. Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders
  56. Nissan Leaf Electric Car Will Go On Sale This year
  57. March SAAR in at 11.8 Million
  58. 119 Reasons to Keep Listening
  59. Goldman Sachs Charged with Fraud
  60. Jimmy Cramer Undressed on CNBC
  61. At least 70% of South American immigrants are dumb twits or just lazy.
  62. DOJ Probes Lloyd Bankfiend
  63. Hot Cars From the Bejing Auto Show
  64. Oil leaks into the ocean!!!! stop all the drilling.
  65. The Cost of the Oil Spill Could Exceed 14 Billion
  66. No Fooling Mother Nature
  67. Anti-Gay Activist Caught With Male Escort
  68. Which is more stupid?
  69. Debt Crisis May Spread to U.S., Japan: Roubini
  70. Geithner Admits Regulatory Failures
  71. Blowout Preventers on Oil Wells Known to Fail
  72. Blast Hits Russia's Largest Coal Mine
  73. China Pulls Ahead in High-Speed Rail
  74. 'Zomibie' Satellite Threatens Cable Programming
  75. hypocritical Obama-Bush Comparisons
  76. Cars You Might be Driving in !0 Years.
  77. Commencement Remarks from Christine Romer (Council of Economic Advisors)
  78. Glen Beck Hits 2010 Ratings Low
  79. Tesla and Toyota Are Teaming Up on an Electric Car.
  80. Sara Palin: "Obama is in bed with Big Oil"
  81. Ford Invests $135 Million in Electric Cars
  82. If Republicans don't want the Tea Party People, who does?
  83. Record Global Warming Causing Artic Meltdown
  84. Obama Offers Regret Mixed with Resolve
  85. Glen Beck Commands:Pray for Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch
  86. Gulf Oil Boom Hasn't Been as Effective as Hoped
  87. Glen Beck Proves he is an ASS by Mocking an 11 year old
  88. Humm, yet the Hoffington Post says it is OK to do worse then mock a 11 year old.
  89. Humm, isn't funny how the state effect worse by the oil spill say, DONT STOP DRILLING
  90. More Americans Oppose Off Shore Drilling
  91. Who is to Blame for the Oil Spill.
  92. Alabama Oil Spill Cleanup Mired in Red Tape
  93. Scientists Awed by Size, Density, of Undersea Oil Plume in Gulf
  94. Glen Beck Caught Lying Again
  95. Stewart on Latest BP Developments.
  96. Social Justice
  97. 'Its BP's Well, So The Only Person To Blame is Barack Obama
  98. BP Engineer Called Deepwater Horizon 'Nightmare Well'
  99. Beck Has Lost Half his Audience Since the Beginning of this Year.
  100. BP Agrees to Set Aside 20 Billion dollars
  101. Soros Warns of European Recession Next Year
  102. Research
  103. List of Contributions from Oil Companies to Congress
  104. Bullish Signals from GM and Toyota
  105. The Top 6 GOP Oil Spill Gaffes
  106. Foreign Nations Offer Gulf Spill Aid to U.S.--For a Price!
  107. As reported by FOX NEWS
  108. Now and Then
  109. Soros says Germany Could Cause Euro Collapse
  110. Bush Administration Reversed Clinton Administration Requirement on Deepwater Drilling
  111. From Card Fees to Mortgages its a New Day for Consumers
  112. Obama Doing all he can for the Gulf, Despite Republican Criticisms
  113. The Third Depression
  114. Contagion Coming from Europe
  115. John Stewart Destroys Fox News "dont blame Bush" excuse
  116. Governments Moving to Cut Spending, In Echo of the 1930's
  117. The Choices that Pay us Back!
  118. Recession Batters State Govt's
  119. Punishing the Jobless.
  120. CBO Says Climate Bill Would Cut Deficit by 19 BILLION.
  121. Veterans Affairs to Ease Claim Process for Disabiility
  122. What will Lebron do?
  123. Fed draws up Strickest standards for Marketing Junk Food to Kids
  124. Warren Buffett on Economy, Deficit etc.
  125. Pity the Poor Ceo's
  126. First half of 2010 HOTTEST on record.
  127. Two Good Reads
  128. Google Buys 20 Years of Wind Energy
  129. The Dog Days
  130. Industries Find Surging Profits in Deeper Cuts
  131. 2nd Depression was Averted Due to Bailouts:Study
  132. Recession was Deeper than Govt Thought
  133. Colbert Compares Bush Tax Cuts to Digesting Bud Light
  134. 41% of Republicans Doubt Obama's Citizenship
  135. An Indication that Bush Tax Cuts were a Failure
  136. Gates wil cut the Defense Department
  137. Rich Americans Still Win Even if Bush Tax Cuts Lapse
  138. Can you Fix Fannie and Freddie w/o Destroyoing Mortgage Market
  139. Geithner:No Going Back for Fannie and Freddie
  140. Famed Investor Bill Gross: Calls FRor Massive Taxpayer-Backed Mortgage Refinancing
  141. Income Tax received by Bush vs. Clinton
  142. Putting U.S. Corporate Taxes in Perspective
  143. China To Invest Billions in Electric and Hybrid Cars
  144. Stimulus Boosted GDP by up to 4.5% in 2nd Quarter
  145. Selective Stimulus
  146. BLT's
  147. This is Not a Recovery.
  148. Obama: GOP Should Let Small Business Bill Through
  149. You Aint Going to Believe this.
  150. Climate Skeptic Changes Tune
  151. The Hottest Summer EVER in New York
  152. This Is The Truth. Force Yourself To Read All Of It.
  153. Bill Gates on R&D, a Carbon Tax, and China's Role
  154. Bill Gates on R&D, a Carbon Tax, and China's Role
  155. Obama Offers Infrastructure Plan
  156. A Scathing Indictment of GOP Fiscal Policy
  157. Author Simon Singh Puts Up a Fight in the War on Science
  158. Roubini: Growth to Halt in 2nd Half
  159. Senate Has 60 Votes for Small Business Bill
  160. Buffett, Balmer Predict Bright Economic Future
  161. No Time for Simplistic Comments on Govt
  162. Senate Passes 30 Billion Small Business Credit Measure
  163. Warren to Start Consumer Protection Agency
  164. The Recession is Officially Over!
  165. Walmart Plans Solar Initiative
  166. Developing Nations to get Clean-Burning Cookstoves
  167. Volcker: Mortgage Market Still Needs to be Reformed
  168. Insurers Scramble to Comply with Health Rules
  169. The Health of Reform
  170. Sad, so sad.
  171. Volcker Slams 'Broken' Financial System, Banks, Regualtors
  172. Invasion of the Stink Bug
  173. About Your Premiums
  174. Stranger than Fiction/Ahmadinejad's Lesson for the Free World
  175. A Dedication to SiriuslyLong
  176. Record Gap between Rich and Poor in U.S.
  177. Health Insurers Pour Money into GOP Coffers
  178. Judge Halts Foreclosures
  179. Bankers Ignored Signs of Foreclosure Trouble
  180. Speed Equals Money in Foreclosure Processing
  181. Pols Who Criticized Stimulus Sought Funds
  182. The Tax Cut Nobody Heard of.
  183. Ihe Fox News Factor
  184. 47% of Tea Partiers Pay No Federal Income Tax
  185. Britain Commits Billions to Green Growth
  186. Europe's Monetary Policy is Stifling Any Recovery
  187. In 2007 U.S. Income Inequatlity Hit Highest Mark Since 1938
  188. Rich People Should be Paying More Taxes
  189. Interesting article on solar energy
  190. Presidency Headed for Fiscal Train Wreck.
  191. Galbraith: The Danger Posed by the Deficit 'is zero'
  192. Our Banana Republic
  193. The Worry is Deflation NOT Inflation.
  194. Another Myth Debunked. A Big One!
  195. M&A Transforming Cleantech Sector
  196. In Israeli Army Gays are "No Big Deal"
  197. And Now Some Words From Bankers And Wall Street
  198. Trashing the National Interest
  199. Solar Panel Makers Face Supply-Glut ĎArmageddoní: Chart of Day
  200. Corporate Profits are Highest EVER!
  201. I just have to, "I told you so"
  202. Expect More than 100 hybrid and EV Models by 2015
  203. Hi. I Am Now Going To Touch Your Junk
  204. Clean Energy Gets Fewer Subsidies, Less Investment Than Fossil Fuels
  205. 2001-2010: Hottest 10 Year Period in Weather Recordings!
  206. In Big Government We Trust
  207. IEA Report Ranks U.S. Low Among Nations Subsidizing Fossil Fuels
  208. Look at all these taxes!!!
  209. U.S.C School of Business Report on Sustainable Energy
  210. Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  211. The Best Tax Cuts Go to the Rich
  212. Jobs Report Dissapoint
  213. Obama Accelerates Statist Agenda
  214. The Liberal Agenda - know who you are dealing with
  215. 2010 Index of Economic Freedom
  216. John Stewart Rips John McCain
  217. Wall Street Borrowed From Fed at 0.0078 Percent
  218. Debunking the Deficit Commission
  219. Flashback:1941's top earners taxed as much as 73%
  220. Who Needs Jobs when Wallstreet has the Fed
  221. Big Oil - for my 2 friends
  222. U.S. Lands Trade Deal with S. Korea
  223. BRANSON: Unbelievably Painful Recession Without Clean Energy
  224. 10 Clean Technology Predictions for 2010
  225. Mounting State Debt Stokes Fears of Looming Crisis
  226. Why I Voted Against Bowles-Simpson Deficit Plan
  227. How to become RICH!
  228. 'Operation Broken Trust'
  229. Glacier Melt Speeds Up
  230. Wallstreet Cheers Obama's Compromise with Republcians
  231. Some History on Taxes
  232. Leaf:A Revolutionary Vehicle that Drives Like a Car
  233. Economics 101 - Supply And Demand Don't Matter
  234. Free Trade Doesn't Work
  235. California Plans Charging Network for Electric
  236. Does China Face a 'Peak Coal' Threat?
  237. To Conquer Wind, China Writes the Rules
  238. Your Apps are Watching You.
  239. Opening the Bag of Mortgage Tricks
  240. Independent Radio Stations are OK'd
  241. Ten Outrageous Earmarks
  242. A Scientist, His Work, and a Climate Reckoning
  243. The Finite World
  244. Roubini:Home Prices Can Only Move Down
  245. Yaay, Jobs Are Being Created - Just Not Here.
  246. Coal's Burnout:Have investors Moved on to Cleaner Energy Sources
  247. No, Mr. Krugman, You're Eating America Alive
  248. Peter Schiff:Economic Disaster in 2011
  249. DEATH BY REGULATION - A chilling article on big governmnet bureaucracy
  250. Private Sector Jobs Surge in December, Led by Small Businesses