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  1. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent
  2. Is The FCC In Mismanaged?
  3. Doj Timing
  4. Which Democrat Will Win Iowa?
  5. Which Republican Will Win In Iowa?
  6. Romney
  7. New Hampshire Done
  8. hillbilly
  9. Romney Wins Michigan
  10. A Real American
  11. New political talk on sirius
  12. President Bush has catlike reflexes
  13. First Time home Buyer Tax Loan
  14. Stimulus /09 / Were is it all going?
  15. How about lowering mortgage rates?
  16. Hybrid Superstar shines brighter
  17. Where Is All The Coverage on the 2 Million Jobs Lost In The Last 6 Months
  18. here is something I think everyone needs to see.
  19. "World's most stable car companies"
  20. Ford Ceo Mulally reacts to Obam Administration's Fuel Economy, Emission ch
  21. Are Diesels better than Hybrids?
  22. Hybrids are worth the extra cost.
  23. Ev's "major portion" of Ford lineup in 10-12 years
  24. Debt visualized
  25. Global warming/climate change
  26. public option for health care
  27. Polls show support for public option for health care
  28. Health care for US Congress
  29. Under Bush ...
  30. Health coverage may be mandated
  31. Any members of the "birther" movement here? John?
  32. Costs and compassion
  33. Remember when everyone blamed Obama for the sinking Dow
  34. Govt plan can coexist with private insurance
  35. Warren Buffett's investment in Chinese Electric car company
  36. Meltdown came after Banks fought against regulation
  37. Nissan turns over an Electric Leaf
  38. The Tesla model S
  39. Warning:Oil supplies are running out fast
  40. Which Obama do you want to believe on health care.
  41. John says Fox news "is the most honest"
  42. top ten selling cars in clunker program
  43. John how do you like that "cash for clunkers" govt program?
  44. The people are speaking
  45. Do you really think!
  46. She knows of what she speaks
  47. Barack's progress report
  48. Cash for Clunkers extension
  49. Senators closer to Health Package
  50. GM plans hybrid-plug-in system in midsize SUV
  51. clunker class war
  52. GOP is Propogating falsehoods
  53. 12.1 Trillion debt limit
  54. Averting the Worst
  55. Clean Technology
  56. Tesla car
  57. Freddie Mac posts profit
  58. Mexican cartels smuggle oil to US
  59. Rove and the prosecutors
  60. Fox news viewers rank Lowest
  61. Study about clean diesels and hybrids
  62. The great electric car race
  63. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
  64. The people do not want it!
  65. False "Death Panel" Rumor
  66. Republican Death trip
  67. The definition of Recession has changed.
  68. why we need health care reform
  69. Talk about hypocrisy
  70. The common sense evaluation of what the Healh care bill will do.
  71. Man made global warming myth falling apart at the seams.
  72. Why we dont have to rip our constitution to shreads to bring down health care cost.
  73. Public Health Care Option
  74. A New Test for Business and Biofuels
  75. The Swiss Menace
  76. Few people really want hybrids.
  77. Hybrid Car Market Forecast
  78. Do you really want this kind of heath care.
  79. Lobbyists sent 13 fake letters to Hill
  80. American and Canadian Health Care Systems
  81. Myth Busting Canadian Health Care- Part !
  82. Teabagger Yells 'Heil Hitler" at Jewish Healthcare Defender
  83. The Greenback Effect
  84. Toyota says new electric car battery could offer 10x the capacity
  85. Fox news viewers get it wrong again.
  86. Obama says illegals will be covered under his health care plan.
  87. Canadian health care falling apart at the seams and they say it themselves.
  88. The Senate Republican Policy Committee
  89. Polls about Fox viewers misinformation and 72% figure on illegal immigrants
  90. EV batteries demonstrate 180,000-plus mile lifetime
  91. John vs. lloyd
  92. the hybrid batteries are recycleable JUST SIRIUS
  93. Obama gives 2 billion to brazil
  94. The GOP's Misplaced Rage
  95. Hummmm is it 30 or 47 million uninsured?
  96. Boy,Oh, Boy
  97. The Body Count at Home
  98. This is why you cant trust most of the MSM.
  99. Glen Beck at his finest.
  100. I am still waiting for an answer to the questions.
  101. Oil itself is a problem
  102. US Dept of Defense: Valuing Energy Security
  103. Wind Power: An Expensive and Inefficient Way to Reduce CO2
  104. Study Suggest Wind Power Potential is Much Higher than Current Estimates
  105. Yet another cost to wind power.
  106. No body and I mean nobody says oil by it self is the answer.
  107. The People are Speaking
  108. Poll:most doctors favor public option mix
  109. John Stewart Returns........
  110. Ghosn's Zero Sum Game
  111. Tea Bagger Meltdown
  112. the MSM meltdown
  113. Its about time! Lmits on greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles
  114. "An Indonesian Muslim turned Welfare Thug"
  115. Have a nice day
  116. Green Cars are the Rage at the World's Largest Auto Show
  117. Family Health Premiums:$13,375
  118. Senator Jay Rockefeller decimates Co-ops as substitute for a Public Option
  119. So much for Obama having the most open administration.
  120. New poll shows 65% of doctors dont want government health care.
  121. What? Bill O'reilly Backs a Public Option?
  122. Study links 45,000 US deaths to lack of health insurance
  123. Volkswagon L1 Concept car
  124. Toyota plans $1 billion marketing, More Hybrids
  125. Government can be good. Just a reminder.
  126. Contessa Brewer majorly drops the ball.
  127. The people cont to speak
  128. Real Men tax Gas
  129. Big Oil goes Green for Real
  130. The Self-Correcting Presidency
  131. Reform or Bust.
  132. Bush. Never dull.
  133. big oil sees profits--- and challenges in deep water.
  134. "Homosexuality is inflicted on people"
  135. "Obamas health tax on the middle class"
  136. The democrats senators must think we are dumb.
  137. It's Easy Being Green
  138. Ma should be ashamed of themselves
  139. The US is a "developing country in terms of high speed rail"
  140. Some new analysis of global warming
  141. Yes new study on global cooling by the UN,s own global warming sceintist.
  142. Glen Beck won't define his own words
  143. Temperatures have not been falling over the last 10 years
  144. The great green leap forward: China and India
  145. China's BYD plans to dominate Global hybrid market
  146. 26 lies about H.R. 3200
  147. The New Sputnik
  148. "31,000 scientists just in the USA reject 'global warming' agenda"
  149. Senator Inhofe's 400 global warming deniers debunked
  150. Cassandras of Climate
  151. 97% of active climatologists agree that human activity is causing global warming
  152. This should clear up why man is not responsible for global warming.
  153. "Top 10 Climate Myth-Busters for 2007"
  154. So just how wrong was Al Gore on man made global Warming.
  155. How do the global warming scientist do when they debate skeptical scientists?
  156. the truth and lies about Acorn
  157. John Stewart always funny and enlightening
  158. Democrats show their true colors on illegal immigrants getting in on health care.
  159. "Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts?"
  160. The new losers in energy
  161. On Safire
  162. Where did 'We' Go?
  163. Newsmax columnist:Military Coup may be needed 'to Resolve the Obama Problem'
  164. GOP has passed bills without 60 votes more often than Dems
  165. More facts about Volcanos and Co2
  166. If this doen't beat all, now the French think Obama is weak.
  167. water vapor and co2 in global climate change
  168. EPA Moves to Curtail Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  169. Americans Willing to Fund Healthcare Reform:Poll
  170. Carbon regulation creating rift within American Business
  171. Senator Lindsey Graham
  172. Say what you want about Bect he gets results.
  173. "Obama Safe School Czar Ignored Statutory Rape."
  174. look at what this nut ball is saying.
  175. The Truth About Jobs That No One Wants to Tell You
  176. The real truth about jobs I have told you before and why there are none being created
  177. Apple Quits Chamber of Commerce over Climate Change
  178. Obama Orders Federal Government to Cut Emissions sions
  179. More proof Obama is a socolaist look at what he says about Redistribution of Wealth
  180. Robert B. Reich Mocked on CNBC
  181. the MSM bias cant get more blatant, or can it?
  182. Saturday Night Live Obama Video
  183. Betsey McCaughey and Dylan Ratigan spar over Health Care Reform
  184. Fox news Shepard Smith Schools Republican Senator on Public Option
  185. Where's the next boom? Maybe in 'cleantech"
  186. Senate Finance Health Bill gets Good Fiscal Marks
  187. Bob Dole backs health care reform and says Republican Should get on Board
  188. "Higher taxes in health care bill"
  189. Even more cost to the Cap N Trade
  190. The proof many pollsters push people to accept Obamacare
  191. Obama said: Judge him by those from whom he seeks advice.
  192. Mitt Romney's Fuzzy Math on Clean Energy Legislation
  193. "WJR Finds a Model Obama Citizen"
  194. If this doesn't scare you then you are a Obama socalist.
  195. Colbert skewers Glen Beck
  196. Vets loving "socialized" medicine
  197. Senate Finance Health Bill gets Good Fiscal Marks only because it leaves out much.
  198. "Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army's Top Medical Facility"
  199. CNN, Can they show their bias to be any more rampant.
  200. John Stewart slams CNN for fact checking SNL but not Health care debate
  201. enough for 60 years supply – and rising fast.
  202. The New York Times Discovers Thing Called Shale
  203. Not Good Enough
  204. The release of a 'long lost" document on Climate Change
  205. FOX skewers Jon Steward with what !! Yea the truth.
  206. The newspaper business is failing
  207. Another Republican open to health care overhaul
  208. It turns out Mr. Beck is way more worried about Acorn than Al Qaeda,and the Taliban,
  209. For insurers, a Question of Trust (and anti-trust)
  210. Can you believe this guy is the HEAD of the Republican National Committee?
  211. As Dow nears 10,000 looking back at Beck's Prediciton
  212. "High jobless rates could be the new normal."
  213. Senator Lindsey Graham on Climate Change
  214. BBC: What happened to global warming?
  215. Obama Health Plan "is not socialized medicing"
  216. Gordon Brown (UK P.M.) doesnt listen to his own press.
  217. US to order steep pay cuts at firms that got most aid
  218. Gordon Brown (UK P.M.) Warns of Climate Disaster
  219. This is what you can expect if government gets its hands on healthcare.
  220. Obama in his own words how he will get government heathcare in the end.
  221. What is the Real Agenda on Taxes?
  222. Public Insurance Option Gains Ground in New Poll
  223. More Troops a Bad Bet
  224. Gen. Eaton:Dick Cheney was "Incompetent War Fighter"
  225. "Bailout Watchdog: 'Unrealistic' to Believe All Bailout Money Will Be Repaid"
  226. Fuzzy math, and you think you can trust democrats on healthcare cost.
  227. Hummm didn't the democrats say the samething about the surge in Iraq.
  228. The Quiet Revolution
  229. Pushing for Energy Legislation, Obama Takes on Critics
  230. China Steps Up Slowly but Surely
  231. This is to good lets see if you can understand what she is saying.
  232. Poll:GOP's Favorability At its Worst in a Decade
  233. After Reform Passes
  234. "Obama Economic Adviser: The Stimulus’ Impact on Economic Growth Has Past"
  235. Former Fox Contributor: I left because of Beck
  236. New Life for the Public Option
  237. how many came over to FOX from CNN, ABC, ect., and stayed after Beck.
  238. Obama makes history!!!!!!! as the worst president in history according to the people.
  239. GOP now up by 5 points over democratsin polls.
  240. Polls show Pelosi Nancy (D) head of the U.S. House, most hated.
  241. Its Official! A Public Option Health Care Bill in the Senate
  242. AP IMPACT:Statisticians Reject Global Cooling
  243. Those evil insurance companies / profits!!
  244. Small Businesses face Steep Rise in Health Insurance Premiums
  245. "Dogs Are Bad For Global Warming"
  246. Obama announces $3.4 billion in grants for smart grid
  247. A lesson of being aware
  248. The last Flat-Earther
  249. I am suppose to believe anything the AP puts out, well lets take a look.
  250. What is a the term "flat earther" mean?