Howard Stern Joins America’s Got Talent – Rumored $15 Million Deal

Sirius XM morning personality Howard Stern will be the new judge on TV show “America’s Got Talent”.  The announcement this morning came from NBC, which Stern has had many issues with in the past, including a firing over 25 years ago from radio station WNBC.  Howard, which many… → Read More

Robin Quivers Gets Her Own Show – “The Chatter” On Howard 101

Some think it should have happened long ago while others feel that Robin Quivers getting her own show is an outrage.  That is the beauty of the Howard Stern channels.  They are full of opinionated debate and loyal listeners which, whether they support the new show or not,… → Read More

Sirius XM Say’s Howard Stern Put His Foot In His Mouth

Howard Stern has put his foot in his mouth, and in Sirius XM’s response to The King of all Media’s latest filings was quick to point that out. The company has finally responded to Howard’s allegations that hit news wires a couple of weeks ago. In a Memorandum… → Read More

Artie Lange Returns To Radio

Howard Stern fans have all miss Artie Lange. The comedian left the Howard Stern Show after 9 years when he, feeling the pressures of a life battling drugs and depression, attempted suicide in 2009. For the last two years the subject of Artie rarely comes up, but all… → Read More

Howard Stern and Sirius XM Agree To Keep Certain Documents Sealed

While Howard Stern and Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) certainly do not agree on whether or not Stern and his agent, Don Buchwald, are entitled to additional bonuses, they have come to an agreement on the desire to keep certain documents in the case private. I guess you could say… → Read More

A Deeper Look At Sirius XM’s Request For Summary Judgement

This morning I attended the Sirius XM annual shareholder meeting.  During the meeting Mel Karmazin announced that Sirius XM would be filing a Motion for Summary Judgement on the Howard Stern lawsuit.  The court records, submitted later that day, show that there were many filings including the motion… → Read More

Sirius XM to File for Summary Judgement on Howard Stern Matter Today

Sirius XM’s Mel Karmazin announced that they would be filing a Motion For Summary Judgement in the Howard Stern lawsuit later today. While such filings are common, judges rarely dismiss a case at this stage.  Karmazin stated that the company feels strongly about their position and the motion… → Read More

Sirius XM Files Answer to Stern Lawsuit – Seeks Dismissal With Prejudice

There is new news in the Howard Stern lawsuit against Sirius XM, and it is quite interesting. The company admits that many facts alleged by Stern, Buchwald, and One Twelve media are indeed accurate, and contends that the lawsuit centers on one pivotal issue. That issue is whether… → Read More

Howard Stern Embraces the Three Day Work Week – What do we Listen to Now?

It saddens me to say that today marked the beginning of Howard Sterns new three day work week. As a condition of Howard’s latest five year deal, his fans were saddened to learn they will have to find some other live programming to listen to on Thursdays and… → Read More

Howard Stern Shows, once Again, Why He is King of All Media with Exclusive Cox – Arquette Interview

It was an event that EVERY television and radio show would have loved to have. An interview with Courtney Cox and David Arquette at the same time. The Hollywood couples troubled relationship has been widely discussed ever since Arquette made their separation public on the Howard Stern Show… → Read More