SiriusBuzz, founded on September 19, 2006, is a weblog dedicated to bringing its readers in-depth coverage of Satellite Radio news. In addition to covering Satellite Radio, we also keep readers informed with other sector competitors and relevant emerging technology.

Shortly after it’s inception, on May 30, 2007, SiriusBuzz merged with Satellite Standard Group. Thanks to the shared passion of both Charles and Spencer, readers now have a more in depth presentation of analysis, opinion, and news from varied writers.

Word on the street is “This blog is a must-read for Sirius investors.
– WallStreetJournal.com

Charles LaRocca (Editor)

While the definition of an unsophisticated investor, Charles LaRocca is huge fan of all things Sirius XM Radio. After years of designing and creating websites, Charles set out to create something that captured his passion. Just so happens, around the same time, he received a Sirius Sportster for his birthday and the rest is history.

Spencer Osborne (Writer)

After investing the satellite radio sector Spencer became a fan of the service and has been hooked ever since. As satellite radio grew he found himself seeking more and more information about Sirius and XM as well as the companies that do business with them. After realizing that the information he truly needed was not readily available, Spencer began to write about satellite radio in 2006 and has never looked back.

Jenna Garza (Photo Editor)

Jenna, an interior architect by profession, has excelled at rendering, photo editing, and attention to detail. Her interests in various genres in music, combined with her professional experience make her a natural fit as photo editor for SiriusBuzz


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