Speculation is a wonderful thing, and all of the speculation surrounding the new XM SNAP has gotten the retail satellite juices flowing again. Upon first glance it seemed that the new XM SNAP would perhaps be a "SkyDock" type of product that could be used with 2010's most popular smart phone line, the Android. Upon further research it appears that this is not the case.

If you are disappointed, there is still some hope. Sirius XM can see how much people want this solution now. As a Droid2 user, I was also disappointed in more ways than one. I thought that perhaps this new device could be an explanation as to why Sirius XM has not yet fixed their app to comply with the Droid 2.2 update (FROYO). To me it was a reasonable explanation, but alas, it appears that something else is holding up progress on the update.

It looks like the XM SNAP will have a similar mounting "gooseneck" system that was used on the SkyDock, but instead of being a dock for a smart phone it will be a simple satellite radio receiver. For XM it fills the need of a simple entry level receiver that can easily be plugged in to a cigarette lighter on a cars dashboard.

If the company gets all approvals, it will be one of the few new product releases we will see this fall. Details on whether the new XM SNAP will be "Satellite Radio 2.0 ready" are unclear. Details on when Android users can expect a fully functioning app are also unclear.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio