skydock2The XM SkyDock App is ready for download on iTunes. SkyDock, which turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a virtual satellite radio receiver when docked, has been highly anticipated for some time. The new app represents the second official full satellite radio app for Sirius XM on iTunes. Apps for specific content have been produced in the past.

The company smartly calls the new app "XM SkyDock". This should avoid customer confusion, and ensure that potential subscribers download the proper app when they are seeking out the great content offered by Sirius XM.

Satellite Radio subscribers hoping to get the most value and content should opt for the "Best of Sirius" on their subscription, thus enabling all that XM has to offer PLUS Howard Stern, and the NFL. With Baseball in the playoffs, and football ramping up, this is perhaps the best sports content solution available to consumers.

Interestingly, this app, combined with the many other apps and features represented on an iPhone could become a one stop fits all solution even for those with a factory installed satellite radio receiver in their car. No longer is your subscription tied to the dashboard, or a portable device that serves only one purpose.

The XM SkyDock app will not work without attaching a subscription to a SkyDock. SkyDocks are now available through various retailers such as TSS-Radio.