Loyal Opie & Anthony fans and subscribers over at XM are rightly outraged about the recent 30 day lay off of their favorite shock jocks...so much so that they are calling up and canceling their subscriptions. The crazy part is that XM is so desperate to keep fleeing fans on board that they are offering customers 90 days free to stay with them!

A fan over at the XM forums recently had this to say, “I just called and told them to cancel my 5 radios until O&A come back on the air. They offered me the 90 days free, so I took it!” Way to stick it to the man by the way…you showed them.

XM just continues to hemorrhage fans and lose their once giant lead on Sirius every passing quarter so, it’s no wonder why they would bend over backwards to keep their paying customers. Someone needs to remind the guys over at XM that they make money on a fee for service business model and this is not a sound business plan.

I know a merger would benefit both Satellite Radio companies but at this point who needs who more?