The XM saga continues. It has been reported that irate XM subscribers are spending up to a couple of hours on hold to cancel their subscriptions only to see their service not be shut off.

Instead of granting customers their wishes XM is giving unknowing subscribers 3-6 month extensions to their accounts. Just to prove a point previous XM fans are having to call back two and three times to assure that their accounts have been terminated. Sounds to me like XM might be the new AOL with their intelligence insulting tactics.

I try and stick to strictly Sirius news around here but, this is something Sirius stockholders should really be thinking about with the potential of a merger looming. Does Sirius really want to acquire a company that is seemingly so desperate?

It is bad enough that both Satellite giants count new car sales that are equipped with Satellite Radio as subscribers before their free terms are up but, now XM is also counting people who have clearly cancelled their services towards their total subscription numbers…this should be illegal.