xmirep.JPGXM Satellite Radio has long offered a program called the Irep program, where every day people could sell XM equipment and receive a commission. The program was run by Ocenture, and gave members a free retail web site to sell XM gear. Participants could earn commissions on all radios sold through their web site.

Irep participants received a brief e-mail notifying them that this business venture would cease on September 12, 2007, with a request that all XM related marketing activity cease.

"After thorough evaluation, XM and Ocenture have decided to discontinue the XMiREP program, effective September 12, 2007. As such, we are asking all of you to immediately cease all XM-related marketing activity and close your individual iREP sites by September 12, 2007."

No word on what caused this program to stop, or on whether a new similar program will be offered. The notification does state that more detail will be forthcoming.

This leaves XMiReps, such as myself 8 more days to wrap up business. There are actually some pretty good deals on XM hardware on the site which carry INSTANT REBATES, bring hot receivers such as the Roady XT down to $39. The SSG Radio Store is open until September 12.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM - XM Irep