women involced in farm economicsLarge organizations and minority groups are coming out with strong support for the merger. The latest is the Women Involved in Farm Economics. They are yet another voice from the rural community that has stated in no uncertain terms that they feel a substantial benefit will accompany the merger.

Interestingly, there seems to be no group aside from the NAB that voices opposition to the merger. Yes, some will point out that The Consumer Coalition for Competition in satellite Radio (C3SR) is against the merger, but it has been pointed out by many that they are supported by the NAB, and in point of fact, they have yet to identify numbers of membership, and the sources for their funding aside from the NAB.

Seems when “the people” speak, the support for the merger is wide spread, and growing. As we have stated before, the rural American communities played a major role in the decision of the satellite television merger, and in this merger they are voicing strong support.

In my opinion, the reasons for this support from rural and minority groups is simple. Terrestrial radio fails to meet the needs of the “local” communities, and they are tired of being left behind.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM