In a day and age where the Internet and technology are evolving at a blazing pace, Sirius XM continues to sit on their hands watching the times pass them by. Now more then ever, people of this world are plugged-in looking for alternative ways of getting their news and entertainment yet all they get from Sirius XM is the same old websites and stale web based media players that don't even work in modern browsers.

If Sirius XM truly wants to survive and build their brand, the current marketing and web team have to go. It's time to get some fresh faces in place that understand the value of social media, shiny widgets, online marketing, and just how important things like iPhone applications are to this companys survival.

It's time to wake up Sirius XM, we are all waiting and watching but day after day you deliver nothing. Where is your blog? How about a twitter stream? Where is my widget? Better yet, why not get creative and leverage the power of monster online communities such as Myspace and Facebook?

Just last week the marketing team at Crispin Porter and Bogusky, who never cease to amaze me, got their client Burger King plastered all over the net with their creative Facebook application. Not only did they pull off a great viral marketing campaign but, it was so creative and controversial that they wound up getting more residual branding from the never ending buzz around the watercooler and blogosphere. Do you guys at Sirius XM even know what Facebook is?

500 million iPhone applications have been downloaded since the Apple App Store first launched in July of 2008 and not one of them was a Sirius XM application. How long do you think current and potential subscribers should have to wait to listen to Sirius XM on their new iPhone? Your team of overthinkers didn't consider that this technology was important enough to spend some time on? Do you not realize that these iPhone addicts are the same early adopters of technology who spend their hard earned money on things like... satellite radio?

Make no mistake about it, people are downloading Pandora and Slacker iPhone applications every day and until you give them an alternative you are throwing potential market share out the window.

So, I ask you Sirius XM, is this the end or are you ready to embrace the changing times?