Finally, a Sirius Stars channel that has a consistent morning and afternoon drive show. Sirius Satellite Radio has launched Sirius Stars Too on channel 108, and talk radio fans have something to cheer about.

The new talk channel features the ever popular Vinnie Politan in morning drive, and the fun loving Jay Thomas in the afternoon drive slot. Mixed in throughout the day are Maxim Radio's Cavino and Rich, as well as the popular Game On Show hosted by Joshua Pellicer and Jordan Harbinger.

While I applaud the move at Sirius Stars Too, I am still somewhat taken aback by the lack of consistent drive time shows on the original. The original still carries differing shows in drive time depending on the day you are listening, which is something that frustrates me, and perhaps other listeners as well. Variety on satellite is wonderful, but drive time radio is a time honored tradition in America. Wake up, take a shower, get dressed, get the coffee, get into the car, and listen to your usual show. While Sirius Stars still does not adhere to this tradition, Sirius Stars Too will be a welcomed addition to my presets.

Vinnie Politan and Jay Thomas are both fun and compelling hosts that bring a lot to the table. They have a strong following, and always put out 100% in their shows. The new Sirius Stars Too is a jewel in the new programming line up, and if you have not heard these two satellite radio talents yet, make it a point to tune in.

Position - Long SIRI