Who said that David Lee Roth would never reunite with Van Halen?

Well, Van Halen fans are about to get treated to something that has been bantered about since Roth left the band, and since Roth is no longer talking on the airwaves of CBS Radio, he has some time on his hands to jam away like it was 1984. Oh, and there is one slight change to the band. Wolfgang Van Halen, Eddies son, is on bass (no Michael Anthony).

Sirius fans have a chance to be a part of this reunion by entering a contest. Details of the Van Halen contest, as well as several other contests are available in the Sirius Buzz Forums. We have simplified the entry process for you by giving you direct links to contest entry forms on a new thread in our General Discussion Form titled Sirius Contests. So why not stop by and enter the contests, and post any other contests you are aware of. Hopefully some Sirius Buzz readers will be winners.

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