In one of the wildest days in recent market history we all learn an important lesson about accuracy as well as the human psyche. In afternoon trading the markets were already down when a trade executed with a "B" as in billion instead of an "M" as in million went across the boards on Dow component Proctor & Gamble. The sell sparked a wave of reaction and markets tumbled across the board.

All too often investors neglect to consider the big picture with an equity they are invested in. The down day today started with worry over Greece, and the solvency of that nation. These bigger concerns weigh on the market as a whole, and therefore the economy. The typo exacerbated an already bad situation.

For those looking to blame the down day for Sirius on the faulty trade...think again. Sirius XM was already down substantially when the events happened. Sure, the company sunk a bit lower than it perhaps would have, but savvy investors know well enough that Sirius Xm was already down on heavy volume.

Days like today should give all investors pause. This is why accuracy is so vital, and why there is a responsibility for investors to understand the market and equity they are invested in as much as possible. Those disseminating the news also need to be careful in how and what they report. The market was teetering on an edge, and a typo sent it tumbling. Even now, what exactly happened is not clear. What is clear is that the market was not strong enough to withstand it.

There are hair triggers out there. People want stability, but are ready to jump out on a moments notice. As a reader, be sure to verify any information you read. There are many sources out there for information, and everyone makes mistakes, thus verification is key. Always double check.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio