SiriusBuzz sponsor TSS-Radio has been recognized by BizRate for being in the top tier of retailers for customer satisfaction. The award places TSS Radio in the company of household names such as Crutchfield and Bose.

One reason SiriusBuzz chose TSS-Radio as a site sponsor was their dedication to satellite radio and their excellent customer orientated business model. We could feel confident that a reader of SiriusBuzz would have a good experience in dealing with TSS-Radio. How good did TSS-Radio perform? See below:

If you have not yet experienced the service offered by TSS-Radio, we recommend that you give them a try. Join SiriusBuzz in congratulating TSS Radio by sharing your experiences with them in the comments section of this article. These are good guys, and in today's economy it feels great to give an independent retail a great thumbs up!

[TSS-Radio Press Release]

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Disclosure - TSS Radio is a sponsor of SiriusBuzz. We would have published this article regardless of our business relationship because we believe that TSS-Radio is an excellent retailer that goes above and beyond.