stiletto2.JPGThe guys at TSS-Radio have informed Sirius Buzz that they have just received shipments of the new Stiletto 2 as well as the Sportster 5, INV2, and Stratus 4. These new radios enable you to take the next step in your Sirius experience, and TSS Radio makes getting your hands on one easy and fast. Whether you are on a budget and need an inexpensive satellite radio solution, or you want the top of the line Stiletto 2, the guys at TSS Radio have you covered. Readers can also get any kits, accessories, and parts from TSS Radio as well. So sit back and relax on Black Friday. Avoid the lines, and shop with confidence at TSS Radio.

The Stiletto 2

The Stiletto 2 combines SIRIUS radio with your own personal MP3 music library for the ultimate portable audio entertainment experience. Wherever you go. Enjoy live SIRIUS radio from our satellites or via WiFi, listen to stored SIRIUS programming, or to your favorite songs from your personal music collection Add micro SD memory for even more personal media storage or optional accessories for customized performance in your vehicle, home or office. Readers Can Order a Stiletto 2 from TSS Radio Radio Here

The Sportster 5

The Sportster 5 boasts a vivid multi-color display, simple navigation, advanced features and everything you need to enjoy SIRIUS in your vehicle. Optional universal accessory docking kits and audio systems easily allow this radio to be used in your home, boat, office or in additional vehicles. Readers can Order A Sportster 5 fro TSS Radio Here

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