SiriusBuzz Premium has many types of members with many differing strategies when it comes to SiriusXM.  Trading strategies differ because each person has their own unique situation.  What we try to provide is a service that will benefit everyone in some manner.  That is not always easy.  If you ever have a question you can always feel free to email me.  My email address is

Over the years I have had many different strategies when it comes to SiriusXM and other equities.  For the last 7 years or so I have had a hold strategy on SIRI and have had a core strategy on most other equities.

I define a core strategy as one which employs the buy and hold strategy with a core position and then I have a smaller liquid position that I trade.  Typically, when I invest into an equity I establish certain goals right off of the bat.  The strategy I use is actually quite simple, and can offer rewards when I stick to it.  Let's assume that I am going to invest $100,000 into an equity.  In my mind 75% of that is core and 25% is liquid.  I will trade the shares of the 25% in and out in order to build the core.  My goal is to build the core with the profits of the 25%.   In effect this would give me a healthy return in the form of shares, while at the same time allowing the core to continue to build in value.

What this does for me is remove anxiety.  The 25% liquid position is what I consider funds that can absorb more risk.  I may make a few bad trades along the way, but if I hold to my principles, I will be able to build the core position.  My ultimate goal is to double the value of my core in as short a time-frame as possible.  The other benefit is that my liquid funds are not married to a single stock.  Because I consider them liquid, I can invest into anything when the opportunity arises, build another core3 position in another equity, or continue with the current one.

For example... I am invested in a pharmaceutical company called Arena (ARNA).  Today, like many equities, it is taking a hit.  In my opinion the hit ARNA is taking is more than it should be.  I would seek out the bottom by applying technicals, and use liquidity to buy into it.  I see Arena as an equity that will pop to $11 per share on DEA scheduling that will allow its anti-obesity drug to hit the market.  Arena is more speculative than SiriusXM, but I see a 20% gain there faster than I do with SIRI.  If I were active in trading SIRI I would apply my liquid position to Arena, take in the next pop, and then sell it to either add to Arena core or my SIRI core.

Essentially, for me, being all-in or all-out of an equity causes anxiety.  I also like to trade, and play the game, so just sitting is not my answer either.  I have found that by having core positions and trading positions I can satisfy my goals with far less stress.  While the build may not be as fast as timing it right and going all-in and all-out, it is plenty for me, and keeps the juices flowing.