If you surf the net, or read this site you will see that Toyota has launched a new on line advertising campaign featuring the all new 2009 Corolla. Toyota has given the Corolla a new richer styling, and the advertising is quick to point that out. The Corolla has long been seen as an entry level car, but these days, entry level cars can include amenities such as satellite radio and navigation. Given the price of gas, a car such as the new Corolla is sure to be a big seller.

For satellite radio watchers, the new Corolla will not disappoint. Both Sirius and XM are available. Toyota puts marketing push behind XM in both the on line Google ads, as well as on their tour of the Corolla, but those that want Sirius can get it as it is a listed option on the car.

With uncertainties in the auto sales world for 2008 predicted by many, consumer value will be a big factor in car purchases. Consumer value is no longer just about price, it is what you get for your money, and this ad campaign by Toyota gives consumers a clear picture of all they they can get for a reasonable price.

Go ahead, check out the new Corolla on Toyota’s website. Even if it is not a car that you would consider, the richness of the ad campaign is worth seeing.

Position – Long Sirius, Long XM