With an organized effort ongoing to submit anti-merger form letters to the FCC, merger supporters may be wondering what they can do to show their support in a more meaningful way than through a form letter. Well, There is a way that you can show YOUR OWN opinion on the proposed merger, and that is the first step. Siriusmerger.com and XMmerger.com both allow YOU the chance to give your opinion in your own words, and to have that opinion forwarded to the FCC as well as your state legislators.


That is great, but there is another step that you can take, and this is where the POWER OF SIX comes into play. Both sites also have a "Spread The Word" link. This link allows you to send a simple message to SIX people you know simply by inputting their e-mail addresses. Unlike the form letter campaign where each respondent to a survey has their information submitted to the FCC, this is a petition that will be delivered to the FCC. The "Even Better Together" petition is very straight forward, and easy to sign. Even if you have already submitted a comment to the FCC, why not take a minute to fill out this petition.

How do pro-merger people combat the form letter frenzy? By reaching out to SIX people and getting involved.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM