riley.JPGToday it was learned that the news we have all been waiting for is upon us. Sirius and Riley Martin have come to terms on a six month agreement so that the popular Riley Martin Radio Show on Howard 101 will continue. Three weeks of reruns have been aired leaving subscribers embroiled in a mystery as to whether Riley would still be on the air. Howard stern answered the question this morning by informing listeners that indeed the Riley Martin Show would continue.

Martin, called into the show and confirmed the news in a riveting way that had listeners pulling to the side of the road so that they did not miss one utterance of Martin. While the news has been well received by Martin fans, there will be no new broadcasts until the documentation of the contract is executed. We have heard rumor that Sirius' Tim Sabien is not taking issue with the per show value of the contract, but wanted to get a new Biavian symbol issued to 12 of his closest friends at a discount. Riley, ever the staunch negotiator held firm to his price of $38.50 per symbol, but did say that if Stern gave him a live appearance on his show, that Riley would go ahead and forward the symbols. now that the live appearance is complete, fans can look forward to the Return of Riley Martin to the Howard Stern line-up.

Seriously though......Riley Martin is staying with Sirius to share his alien experiences with listeners. While this may not be the news you were looking for and hoping for, it is a story none the less. With everything else PENDING, it is good to report on something that has been accomplished.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM