Sirius announced today that it will broadcast The History of Howard Stern, an unprecedented celebration and rare behind-the-scenes look at the life, career and achievements of Howard Stern.


Narrated by Jim Forbes, the famed voice of VH1's hit series Behind the Music, The History of Howard Stern features a vast array of rare, never-before heard audio footage from Howard's personal vault plus exclusive interviews and commentary from Howard, The Stern Show staff, Howard's friends, family, and former colleagues, as well as the celebrities who have witnessed Stern's meteoric rise to superstardom firsthand, including a rare interview with legendary late night host, David Letterman. Other entertainers and Howard fans who contributed interviews include Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, Jimmy Kimmel, Joe Walsh, Dee Snider, David Brenner and more.

"It's a complete retrospective of stuff you've never heard - every piece of history of this show," said Stern. "The History of Howard Stern is an incredible listening experience. It's the kind of radio that competes with television and that you'd never hear on terrestrial radio."

It premieres December 17th on Howard's exclusive SIRIUS channels, at 6:00 am ET on Howard 100 and 6:00 am PT on Howard 101, through December 21st. Act I will debut in five separate original parts, with one installment airing each day that week and replaying continuously all day and night.

In other words…Howard is going on vacation! At least we don’t have to listen to Master Tape Theater.