Recently, while researching various information resources from across the web, I've crossed paths with some seemingly meaningless information regarding Sirius XM and Europe. As drips of information have become available, a pattern is beginning to develop.

One of the most recent examples was a post regarding the potential for Sirius XM to expand into Europe. Of course my initial reaction was probably as skeptical as your own. The satellite coverage is just not there. I dismissed it as impossible at this point in time because of the perceived costs associated with such an undertaking. It would make absolutely no economic sense.

I then recalled two separate news releases from Europe that indicated certain companies were seeking to launch their own European satellite radio services. Again, I thought nothing of it. I was then hit with an afterthought that perhaps there was an actual buzz being created across the pond, regarding satellite radio.

More recently, I have seen dozens of reports of new products available in Europe, which actually promote the ability to receive either the Sirius and/or XM service via the Internet. These consist of various home and portable devices. Countries from Russia to the UK have been reporting on these new offerings that may have been born of open access. Sirius XM does make available an internet version of their service, and I am beginning to wonder if the company is seeing an increase in Internet subscription revenue, which is offered at 12.95 per month.

One of lesser known favorites of Sirius with our European friends in the U.S. and overseas, is English Premier League Soccer. This simple offering has the potential to increase revenue exponentially. It just may be, with Europe's own satellite radio services years away from becoming reality, that Sirius XM could become the preferred Internet entertainment resource in Europe, especially in the UK..

Position: Long SIRI