As you may be aware, there is a substantial storm brewing that is anticipated to make landfall again in New York City.  It just so happens that NYC is where I hang my hat theses days.  I also have a place in Massachusetts, and may leave the city for Mass.  They are already talking about shutting down the subways, etc. in New York.

I have a substantial project happening in NYC, so I need to attend to that, while at the same time ensure that my girlfriend and I are safe.

As you might imagine, I will be a bit preoccupied, and may not even have power.  At this time there has been announcement relative to the market status.  If I can, I will update things relating to the stock as needed.  Even if the markets are open, the activity will be weird to say the least.

With all that is happening, I request your patience with the site updates, and prayers that this storm passes without incident.  For SiriusBuzz Premium members I may be able to get out some mobile updates, and am considering a conference call to update members by phone If something big happens.  Bear in mind that I may not be able to do this though.

With that, I have to go stock up on batteries, water, etc.