directorSeveral weeks ago, I wrote that Sirius XM had avoided bankruptcy "in a turn of events worthy of a Hollywood movie script."  I had no idea at the time that my words would be taken so literally, yet as some have rightly observed I mentioned again that Hollywood had now taken notice of the incredible saga that is Sirius XM Radio.

I was contacted several days ago by Sandra Mohr of Mohr Productions in regards to my willingness to be interviewed for a full length (72 minute) documentary which focuses on Sirius XM radio.  Sandra's intent is to showcase the merger, the manipulation, the media bias and the story of Sirius XM's rise from the ashes. Sandra has expressed to me a desire to have this movie available in 12 weeks time. Already, several offers have come in to help finance the film, and the films budget has already been reached on word-of-mouth alone!

The film itself is very fluid at this stage. I did agree to be interviewed for the movie and as Sandra and I began discussions I was asked if I would be interested in being a consultant for the movie. I agreed in principal because I feel I can be of help with certain aspects of the movie, such as the interviews that will be held in NYC. For starters, I have sent an invitation to Mel Karmazin. As the company spokesman, I feel it is his right to be featured in the film and Sandra concurs; No one knows the storyline better. I also hope to contact certain Wall Street analysts who have on many occasions expressed their frustration over the streets unwillingness to value Sirius XM fairly. Tony Wible comes to mind as an example.  We are tentatively scheduled to begin shooting in the New York City area from March 18 -23.

This documentary will not reveal names of market manipulators and money managers. It will, explain the overall process of exploiting the common shareholder, put a face on the victims and motivate the viewer to do his own part to get involved and demand accountability.

To protect identities, some scenes  will be filmed as "shadows" with blacked out appearances and voices concealed. From shareholder to analyst, to market maker, if anyone is interested in being considered for a part in this movie, please drop me an e-mail at

Position: Long Siri