Another Friday has passed, and once again I looked to the Sirius channel line-up for a Stern alternative. A radio show where topical information is discussed in a way that is light yet engaging, and perhaps a bit more straight and narrow than the typical Howard Stern broadcast.

If you are a Howard Stern fan then you are all set with Sirius' morning drive line up. If you are not, you may find yourself without much of a choice. Maxim radio is a replay in the morning. Sirius Stars lacks a regular morning show. Indie talk has a replay. Martha Stewart's morning show is geared towards women.

What is a casual Stern fan to do? The political shows are simply too political. The sports shows are pure sports, and while the music is great, people sometimes simply want a topical variety show in the morning. A show that is light hearted, yet has the ability to get serious. A show that can flow with the happenings in our world, and catch us up with the latest news and information. Why is Sirius missing this?

Afternoon drive is chock full of talent and shows. Jay Thomas, Cavino and Rich, Bubba, Jennifer and Alexis' Whatever, and several more. Why can't we have the same type of quality and variety in the morning?

Morning drive is the bread and butter of radio. I get music all day long. In the morning I want information and a show host that is dynamic. I pay for three subscriptions every month. Why do I find myself scanning the Sirius dial and ultimately winding up listening to terrestrial radio's Dennis and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI this morning? Sirius is in my opinion missing the morning drive boat.

Stern is entertaining, no doubt about it, but there are a large number of fans who would prefer a less edgy show, and at this point Sirius has a slim offering to satisfy the listeners needs.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM